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GOING GREEN Heidi Wolden on how Norled will reach zero emissions by 2040 PEOPLE POWER Josh Weinstein shares his priorities for Carnival Corporation BUILDING A BRIGHTER FUTURE Barbara Muckermann explains how new ships and a guest-centric approach are driving Silversea Cruises’ success SS/23

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Foreword Change for the better Change, as we’ve all experienced in recent years, can be challenging. However, it can also be rewarding. It forces us to examine and refine, even redefine, our operations for the better. In this issue, we explore how passenger shipping leaders have demonstrated innovation and invention, increasing business resilience and agility and advancing progress in areas such as diversity and sustainability. One of those leaders is Josh Weinstein of Carnival Corporation. In his first keynote interview for CFR (page 14), we hear about his focus on increasing inclusivity, advancing sustainability and finding new and exciting ways to enhance the guest experience. Another is Barbara Muckermann, who explains (from page 50) how teamwork, itinerary innovation, new ships and a guestcentric approach will drive Silversea Cruises’ continued success. Fifteen more executives from ocean, river and expedition cruise lines also share their strategies for success. Our Ferry Business section (page 88) begins with Interferry’s Mike Corrigan, whose regular column provides another thorough account of the association’s priorities, which align with the market’s most pressing issues. Philippe Holthof speaks with SHK Line Group’s Yasuo Iritani for our featured interview, starting on page 90, while Simon Johnson talks with Grandi Navi Veloci’s Matteo Della Valle in the first in a series of new customer experiencefocused interviews. There’s plenty more in this issue too, including Jill Stoneberg on Virgin Voyages’ carbon reduction road map and Marcus Puttich discussing TUI Cruises’ itinerary planning strategy. Enjoy the read! Jon Ingleton Executive Editor, Cruise & Ferry Review SS/23 CONTRIBUTORS CFR would like to thank all of those who contributed to this issue, including: Shashi Caan Shashi is a multidisciplinary design expert who founded the SCC/ GloWD and is CEO of the IFI. She bridges architectural design theory, research and practice to optimise improvement and impact. Fredrik Johansson Fredrik joined Tillberg Design of Sweden in 1994 and is now a partner and executive director. He has managed numerous passenger ship projects and specialises in spatial design and client liaison. Simon Johnson Simon is the director of Shipshape Consulting and CFR’s expert ferry industry advisor. He regularly contributes to the Ferry Business section, this time hosting the first in a series of customer experiencefocused interviews. Dr Phil Thompson Phil is a maritime synthetic environment modelling expert and has worked extensively on e-navigation, traffic simulation, digital twins, artificial intelligence and other projects with ship and terminal operators.

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9 CONTENTS 14 50 60 Four senior executives from expedition cruise lines discuss how they are meeting environmental goals in 2023 63 Lisa Lutoff-Perlo offers insight into why Celebrity Cruises is focusing on improving diversity 66 Oceania Cruises’ Bernard Carter talks about anniversaries, new ships and onboard experiences 68 Michael Ungerer discusses Explora Journeys’ impending debut 70 Cindy D’Aoust outlines how creating connections between guests and crew will help American Queen Voyages grow 74 Filippos Venetopoulos shares why Variety Cruises is focusing on destination diversity and sustainability 76 Marguerite Fitzgerald explains how Carnival Australia is bouncing back following the pandemic 78 John Padgett discusses new ship platforms, technological innovation and other changes coming to Princess Cruises 80 Viking’s Wendy Atkin-Smith reveals the secrets behind the brand’s ongoing success in multiple cruise markets 82 Gregor Gerlach and Stuart Perl tell CFR why Riverside Luxury Cruises will set new standards when it debuts in spring 2023 85 Niels-Erik Lund details how Sunstone Ships aims to perfect the expedition cruising experience with new ship designs Keynote 14 Josh Weinstein explains why supporting employees, advancing sustainability initiatives and finding innovative ways to enhance the guest experience are his key priorities for Carnival Corporation Marketwatch 26 A collection of news from ship operators, ports and destinations and other businesses operating in the cruise and ferry sectors, plus an insight into Holland America Line’s 150th anniversary, an update on the latest industry events, and much more Cover story 50 Barbara Muckermann explains how teamwork, innovation and a guestcentric approach will enable her to drive Silversea Cruises’ future success Cruise Business 57 Charles B. Robertson at American Cruise Line talks about the advantages of building and operating ships under one roof

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11 CONTENTS 140 Ferry Business 88 Mike Corrigan describes how Interferry is joining forces with partners to build a sustainable future for the global ferry industry 90 Yasuo Iritani explains how SHK Line Group is overcoming challenges to remain Japan’s leading ferry operator 94 Matteo Della Valle discusses Grandi Navi Veloci’s customer experience strategy 96 Heidi Wolden explains how Norled plans to become a zero-emission operator by 2040 98 Jan Hanses shares how Viking Line is continuing to improve its environmental footprint 100 Ian Hampton talks about Stena Line’s enduring success as it celebrates its 60th anniversary 102 Murat Orhan reveals how Istanbul Deniz Otobusleri is meeting passenger expectations 104 P&O Ferries’ Peter Hebblethwaite gives an insight into how he is revitalising the business 108 Michael Grey shares why helpful staff and the right ports are key to successful ferry operations Building and Refurbishment 110 Justin Merrigan provides his global round-up of notable ferry orders 114 The cruise order book outlines the latest updates on new cruise ships set to debut in 2023 and beyond 118 CFR profiles the shipyards around the world that offer various repair, refit and maintenance services to cruise ships 124 Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft reveals plans to build three LNG bunkering ships to help the industry transition to greener operations 127 Mark Henderson shares how Magicman’s repair service can reduce the environmental impact of refit projects Marine Operations 128 This edition of the annual Green List explores how organisations are helping improve the environmental and operational attributes of ships 132 Nicholas Belle of Abelle Consulting discusses ship and shoreside technology infrastructure 136 Jill Stonenberg explains how Virgin Voyages is building partnerships to try and reach net zero 140 Michele Francioni outlines the new technology MSC Cruises’ is using to reduce its environmental impact 142 Elpi Petraki details how WISTA International is working to improve diversity in the maritime industry 144 BMT’s Phil Thompson discusses the new standards of navigation technology 146 Andrew Brown shares how Maxicaster’s partnership with Anuvu helps deliver premium entertainment services at sea 147 COLUMBIA Cruise Services’ Olaf Groeger discusses the changing demands suppliers are facing from cruise lines 148 Dietmar Wertanzl and Sanjay Sukhrani on how Anglo-Eastern’s acquisition of CMI will benefit expedition cruise brands Featured Partners: Marine Operations 150 CFR profiles businesses that provide services to support the operational needs of cruise and ferry brands 124 90

£24.00 The World Ocean Council is a global, cross-sector alliance committed to promoting corporate ocean responsibility. It brings together over 35,000 ocean industry and media stakeholders from around the world to collaborate on responsible use of the seas. Interferry is the only shipping association representing the ferry industry worldwide There are currently 220 members (representing approximately 500 individuals) from 34 countries. The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) is the Caribbean’s tourism development agency comprising membership of 27 countries and territories, as well as a myriad of private sector allied members. Cruise & Ferry is proud to partner with the following organisations to support and promote their global visions and objectives CLIA is the world’s largest cruise association and is dedicated to the promotion and growth of the cruise industry. CLIA was formed in 1975 in response to a need for an association to promote the special benefits of cruising. www.cruising.orgen-gb The International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers is the global authority for professional interior architecture and design organisations. It provides a forum for exchanging and developing knowledge and experience in education, research and practice. Established in Beijing in 2012, World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) is a non-profit international organisation whose members include many major cities and tourism-related institutions. Published by Tudor Rose Tudor House, 6 Friar Lane Leicester LE1 5RA Tel: +44 116 2229900 ISSN 2635-0475 (Print) ISSN 2635-0483 (Online) Printed in Great Britain by The Manson Group. Executive editor Jon Ingleton Editor Rebecca Gibson Editorial team Alice Chambers, Amber Hickman, Richard Humphreys, Alex Smith, Elly Yates-Roberts Editorial contributors Rebecca Barnes, Michael Grey, Philippe Holthof, Justin Merrigan, Susan Parker, Michele Witthaus Ferry industry advisor Simon Johnson, Shipshape Consulting Account managers Kimberley McLean, Shelly Palmer, Benedict Pask, Ben Surtees-Smith Publisher Toby Ingleton Production manager Stuart Fairbrother Design Bruce Graham, Libby Sidebotham, Dhanika Vansia Cover image Silversea Cruises Website development Chris Jackson Circulation Ritwik Bhattacharjee Advertise Subscribe © 2023 Tudor Rose Holdings Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be stored or transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any means, including whether by photocopying, scanning, downloading onto computer or otherwise without the prior written permission from Tudor Rose Holdings Ltd. Views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the publisher. Acceptance of advertisements does not imply official endorsement of the products or services concerned. While every care has been taken to ensure accuracy of content, no responsibility can be taken for any errors and/or omissions. Readers should take appropriate professional advice before acting on any issue raised herein. The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject advertising material and editorial contributions. The publisher assumes no liability for the return or safety of unsolicited art, photography or manuscripts.

13 CONTENTS 154 Onboard Experience 154 An overview of the organisations providing budget- and environmentfriendly solutions for passenger ship interiors 160 Cruise and ferry executives showcase their favourite spaces on upcoming ships 166 Franck Garanger gives an insight into Explora Journeys’ vision for its food and beverage offering 168 IFI’s Shashi Caan discusses how good interior design can promote health and well-being 170 Greg Walton and Yohandel Ruiz explain how Studio DADO created a new level of luxury for Oceania Cruises’ Vista 173 Fredrik Johansson describes Tillberg Design of Sweden’s collaboration with Four Seasons Yachts 174 Theodoros Kioukas shares why Decon is valued for its experience and expertise 177 A look at why Continental’s Skai upholstery products meet cruise ship requirements 179 Beadlight’s Matt Swiergon explains why the firm’s lighting products are perfect for cruise ship cabins Ports and Destinations 180 A selection of ports and destinations outline their new development projects for 2023 188 Marcus Puttich shares how TUI Cruises has found unexpected itinerary planning solutions Europe 192 Jon Ingleton reports on his recent FAM-trip to Norway with Cruise Northern Norway and Svalbard Mediterranean 194 Dubrovnik Tourist Board 197 Port Authority of Tarragona 198 Gibraltar Tourist Board Asia 200 Hong Kong Tourism Board 202 Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau North America 204 Cruise Saint Lawrence 206 Vancouver Fraser Port Authority 208 Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation 210 P ort Everglades 212 Port of San Diego 188

14 KEYNOTE The power of people Josh Weinstein explains to Rebecca Gibson why supporting employees, advancing sustainability initiatives and finding innovative ways to enhance the guest experience are his key priorities for Carnival Corporation For some a career at sea is a life-long dream. However, Josh Weinstein, president and CEO of the world’s biggest cruise company Carnival Corporation, stumbled into the industry by chance. “I was working as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer but not particularly enjoying it, and one day I happened to see a classified advert for a corporate attorney position at Carnival Corporation in the newspaper,” he says. “Frankly, I knew absolutely nothing about the company – or even the cruise industry – but I did have the broader legal expertise the leadership team was looking for, so my wife cajoled me into submitting my resume. The next day, I got a call asking me to attend an interview immediately as the company was on the verge of making an offer to someone else. I ran out of my office in a panic, rang my brother-in-law (who is a stockbroker) and asked him to tell me anything and everything about Carnival Corporation!” Fortunately, for Weinstein, he impressed his interviewers and was quickly offered the job. “It was a steep learning curve, but I knew I’d made the right decision straightaway because I loved the people, the work I was doing and the company’s values,” says Weinstein. “About six months into the job, I was invited on my first cruise and met some of our guests for the first time, which was a lightbulb moment for me. It suddenly struck me that the goal of Carnival Corporation is to make guests happy, and that every employee, no matter what their role, plays a pivotal part in making that happen. “I realised that everything I did in my administrative role would have an impact somewhere else in the business and ultimately affect its ability to deliver amazing experiences for guests. This gave me an incredible sense of purpose and satisfaction.” This strong sense of purpose is what is still keeping Weinstein at Carnival Corporation more than 20 years later. After spending five years in the corporate legal department, he was appointed as the corporation’s treasurer and in 2017, he moved to the UK to become president of Carnival UK, the operating company of both the P&O Cruises (UK) and Cunard brands. In 2020, he became the corporation’s chief operations officer, overseeing global

Carnival Corporation’s ultimate goal is to deliver high-quality experiences that make guests happy Josh Weinstein, president and CEO of Carnival Corporation, at the steel-cutting ceremony for P&O Cruises’ Iona

16 maritime, ports and destinations, sourcing, IT and auditing operations for its nine cruise brands. During this time, Weinstein also played a critical role in planning both the company’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and its successful restart after travel restrictions were eventually lifted. His performance led to his promotion to president and CEO of Carnival Corporation when his predecessor, Arnold Donald, retired in August 2022. “The corporation took a risk hiring me when I knew absolutely nothing about the industry and every transition has been a big one, but the leadership team has been patient and supportive throughout my career, guiding me to where I am today,” says Weinstein. “I’m very grateful for the support and I’m committed to using the knowledge, skills and experience I’ve developed to help drive our brands towards greater success in my role as president and CEO.” Now that he is at the helm of the corporation, Weinstein aims to provide similar motivation and guidance to the more than 160,000 shipboard and shoreside employees working for its nine cruise brands, including AIDA Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, Costa Cruises, Cunard, Holland America Line, P&O Cruises (UK), P&O Cruises (Australia), Princess Cruises and Seabourn. “People are the power behind our brands,” he says. “We have over 90 amazing ships and we sail to some of the most impressive destinations around the world, but none of that would be possible without the hard work and dedication of our employees. This includes everyone from the crew members interacting with guests on our ships, to the engineers keeping the vessels running smoothly, the teams planning our itineraries and shore excursions, the experts managing our sustainability initiatives, those looking after administration, and the executive teams leading the brands.” One of Weinstein’s biggest priorities is to ensure that Carnival Corporation has an open, collaborative and inclusive working environment where people are given the tools, resources, knowledge, training and support they need to grow and thrive. “We want to offer every employee a realistic route for career progression, Cruising is an ideal holiday option for families who can spend time enjoying activities and making memories together KEYNOTE “ The goal of Carnival Corporation is to make guests happy, and every employee plays a pivotal part in making that happen”

18 showing them how they can develop personally and professionally, whilst also making a real difference to the success of our business and the happiness of our guests,” he explains. As part of this, Carnival Corporation wants to ensure that every employee has a voice within the organisation. “Historically, the maritime industry has been very hierarchical, particularly onboard the ships where the people at the top gave the orders and those lower down the ranks were expected to do whatever they were told without question in order to keep their jobs,” says Weinstein. “Fortunately, attitudes have significantly changed and today we recognise that every employee is equally vital to our success, regardless of their role onboard our ships or within our wider business. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard, so it’s crucial that we’re an open and inclusive organisation where everyone can comfortably and confidently raise concerns or share their ideas. “Our brand leaders are all very passionate about going onboard the ships and talking with as many crew members as possible because they’re right on the front line and can share some of the most valuable insights. They know what’s top of mind for our guests, and they can tell us which of our processes are working well and what operational challenges they’re facing. And they often have good ideas that may help us to resolve these issues too.” Providing a safe environment and working conditions for all employees is another corporate priority. “The past few years have been tough for everyone, and the pandemic has been instrumental in reminding us how important it is to take good care of our employees’ physical and mental health,” says Weinstein. “We’ve always prioritised their physical health and safety but now we’re investing much more heavily in taking a holistic approach that enables us to proactively protect and improve their mental well-being too. For example, we’ve created multiple new channels to enable individuals to openly communicate their needs or concerns with their direct manager, the human resources team or others in the business who might be able to help them. Plus, we’ve introduced a service to enable them to speak confidentially with qualified healthcare professionals too.” These services are particularly important for crew members who often spend prolonged periods of time living and working on ships. “This can be both lonely and challenging at times, so we’ve expanded broadband capacity onboard our ships to make it much easier for crew members to stay connected with loved ones back home,” says Weinstein. Another of Weinstein’s responsibilities has been to welcome multiple ships to the global fleet. In the 2022 financial year (from December 2021 to November 2022), Carnival Corporation took delivery of new flagships for five of its brands – AIDA Cruises’ AIDAcosma, Costa Cruises’ Costa Toscana, Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Celebration, Princess Cruises’ Discovery Princess and its first luxury expedition ship, Seabourn Venture. P&O New ships offer the cruise brands the opportunity to develop innovative new entertainment options, such as the immersive multimedia escape room experience onboard P&O Cruises’ Arvia Photo: Christopher Ison  © KEYNOTE

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20 Cruises’ Arvia followed at the start of the 2023 financial year and will soon be followed by Seabourn’s second expedition, Seabourn Pursuit. And a further two ships – Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Jubilee and Cunard’s Queen Anne – will begin sailing in late 2023 and early 2024, respectively. According to Weinstein, each vessel offers a platform for innovation. “Whenever we build a new ship, it gives us an opportunity to evaluate our existing product and identify opportunities to further elevate the guest experience,” he says. “Often, this will involve brands reimagining signature venues, updating colour palettes, making guest accommodation more luxurious, or upgrading the dining, entertainment and other venues.” Arvia, for example, is the biggest cruise ship to ever be built for both P&O Cruises and the UK market, which has enabled the brand to introduce multiple new indoor and outdoor spaces. Three of the most notable new innovations include the brand’s first high ropes course; an immersive, multimedia escape room; and SkyDome, a two-level pool and entertainment area on the top deck, which is covered by a retractable glass roof. “Arvia has a similar design aesthetic and general layout to sister ship Iona [which debuted in 2021] but has a staggering number of dining venues, bars and entertainment spaces in comparison,” says Weinstein. “These venues enable P&O Cruises to offer guests new experiences, as well as a lot more choice when it comes to onboard activities. Plus, the additional outdoor spaces help them to make the most of the warm, sunny weather during the ship’s Caribbean and Mediterranean sailings.” Several of these new ships are also helping Carnival Corporation move closer to achieving its environmental sustainability goals. AIDAcosma, Arvia, Carnival Celebration and Costa Toscana all run on LNG fuel. “We took a leap of faith with LNG back in 2012 when we decided to invest in it long before any of the infrastructure had been built, and in 2018, we debuted the world’s first ship that could be fully powered by LNG fuel both at sea and in port,” says Weinstein. “Today we have eight LNG-fuelled vessels operating across several brands and will have a total of 11 by the end of 2025, representing nearly 20 per cent of our total capacity.” LNG-powered vessels are part of Carnival Corporation’s extensive strategy to help it achieve the new sustainability goals it set in late 2021. By 2030, the company aims to reduce carbon intensity by 20 per cent (relative to a 2019 baseline), halve absolute particulate matter air emissions by 50 per cent (compared to a 2015 baseline), equip 60 per cent of its fleet with shore power connections, halve food waste, install advanced wastewater treatment Many of the ships across Carnival Corporation’s brands are now equipped to connect to shore power to reduce their emissions whilst in ports Photo: ROSTOCK_PORT_Nordlicht KEYNOTE “ Every guest can find something they like when they’re sailing onboard one of the amazing cruise ships”

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22 systems on more than 75 per cent of vessels. It has even loftier aspirations for 2050: send all waste to waste-to-energy facilities, extend shore power capabilities to the full fleet, achieve net carbon neutral ship operations, and build zeroemissions vessels. “We’d already made such good progress with the previous targets that we increased them all to keep challenging ourselves to do better,” says Weinstein. “To date, the industry doesn’t have a foolproof solution for reaching net-zero carbon emissions and I don’t think there ever will be a onesize-fits-all solution that we can roll out to every ship in the cruise industry. We’ll most likely achieve decarbonisation by using a multitude of different technologies in tandem with each other.” For example, AIDA Cruises is trialling fuel cells powered by hydrogen derived from methanol on AIDAnova, a lithiumion battery power system on AIDAperla, and the world’s largest battery storage system on AIDAprima. Meanwhile, Costa Cruises is testing biofuels and working with methanol producer Proman to pave the way for both newbuilds and existing ships to operate on sustainable methanol. Carnival Corporation has also invested in devices like food biodigesters to enable it to further eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. There are 600 operating on ships across the fleet, using microorganisms to naturally break down the waste food particles, forming a clear, environmentally safe effluent. “As far as I’m aware, we’re the only cruise company to have invested in food biodigesters but they’re really helping us to cut food waste in line with our aims,” says Weinstein. “The great thing about having more than 90 ships and nine brands is that we have plenty of capacity to experiment by piloting different technologies. If any solutions prove particularly effective, we can look to roll them out to all our brands and vessels. “I’m very proud that we’ve continued to measurably reduce our impact on the environment and continue investing in new technologies, despite the turbulent times the industry has faced in the last three years.” Carnival Corporation has also spent the last three years analysing and evaluating each brand to identify how it can optimise everything from ships to processes to ensure that they are all delivering the best possible guest experience and achieving good operational, environmental and financial performance. As part of this process, the corporation has retired or sold 26 vessels from its fleet. “We were planning to retire these vessels anyway within the next few years as they were older and less efficient, so we decided to accelerate that timeline,” says Weinstein. “During this time, though, we’ve also taken delivery of larger and more efficient ships, which will result in nearly a quarter of our fleet consisting of new capacity. The fleet transformation results in an eight-percentage point increase in balcony cabins, along with a tremendous rise in available real estate onboard our vessels. This will enable brands to deliver more differentiated onboard experiences and generate associated revenues contributing to durable revenue growth going forward.” Now that all of Carnival Corporation’s ships are back in service and both travel restrictions and Covidrelated protocols have been relaxed, booking volumes have strengthened and the booking curve has measurably lengthened across the board. “This bodes well for 2023 as more markets open for cruise travel, protocols SkyDome is a two-level pool and entertainment area on the top deck of P&O Cruises’ new ship Arvia KEYNOTE Photo: Christopher Ison  ©

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24 Cruising makes it easy for guests to travel to impressive destinations like Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska continue to relax, our ‘closer to home’ itineraries play out, and our brands continue to hone all aspects of their revenue-generating activities,” says Weinstein. “We’ve come a long way in an incredibly short amount of time, successfully restarting the world’s biggest cruise business by bringing all our ships back into service thanks to the tireless efforts and dedication of our employees. “This year, we’ll concentrate on filling our ships, enhancing the guest experience, optimising our vessels, getting back to strong profitability, and making incremental steps towards achieving our environmental and sustainability goals. Most importantly, we’ll also be focusing on supporting our employees and making our organisation an even more diverse, equitable, inclusive and enjoyable place to work.” Buoyed by the success of Carnival Corporation’s restart, Weinstein is confident that both his company and the rest of the global cruise industry are set for a successful future. “There’s a lot of pent-up demand for travel and cruises offer tremendous value for money,” he says. “If you compare the cost of cruising with one of Carnival Corporation’s brands with the price you’d pay for an equivalent land-based holiday, you’ll find that we can be anywhere from 25 per cent to 50 per cent cheaper. There’s also nothing quite like waking up to a view of the ocean and exploring a new destination every day. Plus, there’s the added perk of only having to unpack once.” Weinstein is a man who practices what he preaches. Since joining Carnival Corporation, he has become a cruise convert and now personally advocates it as the ideal holiday for any traveller. “My wife and I have probably been on more than 20 cruises now and we’ve visited some remarkable bucket-list destinations that are best seen from the water, such as Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park and the Norwegian fjords,” he says. “In recent years, we’ve often cruised with our children, my parents and my sisters and their families, and we’ve created some amazing memories together.” One such memory is now “crystallised in family lore”, says Weinstein, recalling the day he and his wife let their oldest two girls go to the children’s club by themselves for the first time. “We’d always done everything together during family holidays, but the club seemed like fun, so we decided to let the girls try it for 30 minutes,” he says. “We nervously watched as they walked in together holding hands and spent the next half an hour fretting about them, but we needn’t have worried – they were having an amazing time. In fact, when my wife went to collect them, one of our girls looked at her and very deliberately turned around to carry on playing with the toys! We tried to convince her it was time to leave but she was adamant that she would much rather stay there than come with us as she was having so much fun!” For Weinstein, this memory encapsulates what makes a cruise the top holiday of choice for many guests. “No matter what their age or interests, every guest can find something they like when they’re sailing onboard one of the amazing cruise ships operated by our brands,” he says. “Cruises are an ideal option for everyone, but they’re particularly well suited to groups of friends and multigenerational families because you can switch between doing things together and splitting up and doing your own thing. We look forward to welcoming guests wanting to make their own amazing memories this year.” KEYNOTE 305.347.4800 Cruise Capital of the World MAKE MIAMI YOUR HOMEPORT

26 Holland America Line celebrates 150th anniversary Holland America Line (HAL) will mark 150 years of operations on 18 April 2023. HAL began as Nederlandsch-Amerikaansche Stoomvaart Maatschappij (DutchAmerican Steamship Company) in 18 April 1873, transporting people from the Netherlands to ‘The New World’ in North America. Its first ship, Rotterdam, departed on its maiden voyage from Rotterdam to New York on 15 October 1872 and the brand started offering vocational cruises in 1895. It now operates 11 ships that visit nearly 400 ports a year. To commemorate the milestone, HAL hosted a transatlantic voyage on 15 October 2022, where Rotterdam sailed from the Netherlands to Florida. Onboard, guests enjoyed a gala menu featuring Dutch dishes and a programme of curated entertainment including a performance of a musical piece written by Steven Schoenberg, which was accompanied by a short film and 25 former HAL musicians. “HAL has evolved from a shipping company to a brand synonymous with exceptional cruise vacations, and this anniversary crossing was a tribute to the voyage millions of immigrants took to the New World,” said Gus Antorcha, president of HAL. “We had guests who were sailing in October because their grandparents immigrated to the USA on a HAL ship or because they’ve been fans for years, and we filled the voyage with special moments that will create wonderful memories for everyone onboard.” HAL will operate a second transatlantic voyage from Florida on 4 April 2023, which will include a call to New York City, an eight-day the Atlantic Ocean crossing and a ‘grand The cruise brand has expanded since its maiden voyage in 1873 and now operates 11 ships that visit nearly 400 ports per year MARKETWATCH Holland America Line was founded in 1873 and carried out its maiden voyage in 1872 Photo: Holland America Line

27 15 OCTOBER 1872 15-day maiden voyage on Rotterdam I, which sailed from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to New York City 18 APRIL 1873 Shipping company founded as NederlandschAmerikaansche Stoomvaart Maatschappij (Dutch-American Steamship Company) 1895 Began offering vocational cruises onboard Rotterdam II 1939-1945 Loss of 16 ships due to the impact of World War II 1958 First world voyage onboard Statendam IV 1973 Celebrated 100th anniversary by focusing on vocational cruises 1989 Became subsidiary of Carnival Corporation JUNE 2006 Earned its initial ISO 14001 certification, a worldwide-known standard for environmental management JULY 2021 Newest ship delivered, named after the original Rotterdam 18 APRIL 2023 150th anniversary welcome’ celebration when it arrives in Rotterdam on 18 April. Entertainment highlights on the return transatlantic journey will include lectures about HAL’s history from maritime and Dutch historians. Guests will also be able to purchase commemorative items in the onboard retail store. “A milestone like a 150th anniversary doesn’t come around often for most companies, and our celebrations will bring to life our century-and-a-half of amazing history,” said Antorcha. “HAL has touched the lives of millions of people throughout the years – whether by bringing them to a new life in America or providing a oncein-a-lifetime vacation. We have some really special experiences planned over the next several months to honour our heritage.” In addition, HAL has partnered with The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation to curate an exhibition launching in 2023 which details its role in bringing one in 10 immigrants from Europe to the USA between 1872 and 1895. The brand will display video content from the exhibition onboard its ships. HAL has also created a limitededition Pilsner beer – HAL Pils – and launched its own De Lijn Gin, which is made from Dutch-inspired ingredients such as orange, rose and elderberry. This year, HAL will also sail 48 ‘Heritage Cruises’ visiting a selection of ‘special’ destinations such as Alaska, the Caribbean, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, South America and Mexico. “As a beloved company that’s been around for 150 years, these special ‘Heritage Cruises’ allow us to continue celebrating HAL with our guests in a meaningful way,” said Antorcha. “We have a deep connection to ports around the world, and we’re excited to show how each highlighted destination has shaped our brand.” A few major events that have taken place during HAL’s history Photo: Holland America Line The brand hosted a transatlantic voyage on 15 October 2022, calling at New York City for a gala dinner Photo: Holland America Line HAL Timeline

28 MARKETWATCH One easy way for passenger ship operators to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and decrease their impact on climate change is to install more efficient lights that consume less energy onboard their cruise ships and ferries. TVV Marine Lighting has created a portfolio of sustainable LED luminaires that are easy to maintain and designed for long-term use. The components of the LED lights are designed to meet Zhaga standards, which means they can be easily interchanged with those from different manufacturers. This makes it easy for clients to upgrade their lights by simply replacing the LED modules or components. This flexibility extends the lifetime of the whole light fitting, improving cost effectiveness and making them more environmentally friendly. Meanwhile, the use of LEDs minimises wasted electricity. Aldona Mäkinen is CEO of TVV Marine Lighting How can lighting solutions be more energy efficient and sustainable? Viewpoint: Aldona Mäkinen Celebrity Cruises debuts first-ever metaverse cruise experience Celebrity Cruises has revealed the industry’s first virtual cruise ship experience, Wonderverse, which enables guests to interact with a hyper-realistic virtual representation of the line’s new ship, Celebrity Beyond. The digital metaverse experience allows guests to look around Celebrity Beyond’s onboard spaces, starting with The Magic Carpet where they can meet others for virtual cocktails and dinner. They can also explore the Grand Plaza at the centre of the ship, the Sunset Bar and The Resort Deck, which is home to the main swimming pool. Wonderverse will also allow visitors to virtually explore destinations such as Santorini in Greece, Tokyo in Japan, and St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Technology group Wärtsilä will supply dual-fuel engines and axial flow waterjets for Baleària’s new high-speed ro-pax ferry. Margarita Salas is currently being built at the Astilleros Armon Gijon yard in Spain. It will have the same dimensions as its sister vessel Eleanor Roosevelt, which, at 123 metres long, is currently the longest high-speed ferry in the world. However, the new vessel’s engines will provide 10 per cent greater power and increased fuel efficiency. New Baleària fast ferry to feature Wärtsilä propulsion solutions Photo: Wärtsilä

How will travel change in 2023? Book cruises to destinations that have recently reopened to international travel such as Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Taipei, Taiwan; Singapore; Hong Kong; Bankok, Thailand; and Tokyo, Japan Work remotely while cruising, which means they will require ship operators to offer reliable and fast internet connectivity Choose fully immersive itineraries, especially ones that focus on local culinary traditions in destinations that ships visit The Port of A Coruña in Spain received a total of 222,723 passengers in 2022, breaking its previous record of 184,069 in 2017. The port hosted 136 calls last year, including inaugural visits from Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Magic, Virgin Voyages’ Valiant Lady and P&O Cruises’ Iona. Carnival Cruise Line’s new Carnival Celebration also called at the port on its maiden voyage. The port is on track to break these records again in 2023 with 140 calls already scheduled. Port of A Coruña broke cruise traffic record in 2022 Silversea Cruises predicts that travellers will:

30 Cita Design expands services to London and Miami Turkey-based marine interior design firm Cita Design is planning to expand its services to better support customers around the world by opening two new branches in London, UK, and Miami, Florida. The new branches will open in March 2023, with the goal of setting a new standard for design services in the passenger shipping industry. The expansion will allow the firm to further develop its unique approach to design, style and team building. “Our motto is to create desirable, timeless and easily accessible designs for passengers and customers,” said Coşkun Çin, CEO of Cita Design. “Our new offices will allow us to provide a better service to our customers around the world and share our knowledge and innovative design approach with a wider audience. We’re so excited to get them up and running, and can’t wait to extend our team.” Vancouver Island Ferry Company chooses Carus reservation system New ferry line Vancouver Island Ferry Company in Canada is to implement a reservation system from Carus to enable it to sell tickets via its website, a consumer application and self-service kiosks in its port terminals. Carus will provide its off-the-shelf, back-office solution, ticket validation module and its standard web, app and kiosk software. In addition, it will support the ferry line’s sales and operations teams. “We are very lucky to have such a loyal and supportive client base, which guides us in how its operational needs are best supported in all the types of ferry services that we work with,” said John Bertell, director of sales at Carus. “This helps us to have the right solution available for a start-up like Vancouver Island Ferry Company.” MARKETWATCH Photo:

33 Silversea Cruises’ Silver Spirit was the first international cruise ship in three years to call at Ocean Terminal in Hong Kong on 18 January 2023. While the vessel was in port, guests were able to join excursions to the West Kowloon Cultural District, Old Town Central, Victoria Peak via the new Peak Tram, and other attractions. Several of these excursions were newly developed by Hong Kong Tourism Board for the 2023 season. Silver Spirit departed Hong Kong on 19 January following the city’s ‘A Symphony of Lights’ show, which takes place at Victoria Harbour every night. It is the first of multiple international cruise calls scheduled for 2023 and beyond. Hong Kong welcomes first international cruise ship in three years MedCruise participates in EU BlueMissionMed Project MedCruise, which represents 151 ports and 47 associate members in the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas, has joined the European Union’s BlueMissionMed Project, which was launched in Venice, Italy, in January 2023. The BlueMed initiative aims to advance a shared vision for a more healthy, productive, resilient and valued Mediterranean Sea, while also promoting citizens’ social well-being and prosperity. A range of companies and non-governmental organisations will be acting as partners for the project, including MedCruise. During the launch, president Figen Ayan delivered a presentation on behalf of MedCruise, describing the role of the association in the initiative and outlining its commitment to sustainability. As part of the initiative, MedCruise will have a direct dialogue with the European Union concerning 2025 and 2030 sustainability targets for the maritime industry in Europe. The Port Authority of Valencia in Spain is building a new passenger terminal, which will be used by cruise ships, regular passenger lines between the Balearic Islands and Algeria, and ro-ro traffic. Developed by shipping company Balearia, the terminal will be 100,000 metres square and will hold four berths of varying size, with the largest able to hold a 360-metre-long cruise ship. Balearia will invest €37 million ($40 million) into the terminal while Valencia Port will invest €68 million ($74 million), totalling to around €100 million ($109 million). The terminal will be powered by renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic, wind, hydrogen and biofuel. All docks will also be equipped with an electricity supply network for docked ships to reduce the amount of emissions in the port. Port of Valencia invests $109 million in new passenger terminal MARKETWATCH

34 MARKETWATCH Netherlands-based shipyard Den Breejen kicked off 2023 with the sale of its river cruise ship Thurgau Gold (formerly known as Project Rheingold). The shipyard will work with the client, its technical team and the interior architect to deliver the vessel in June 2023. Den Breejen is also preparing for several projects to equip new and existing ships with the technology they need to comply with the latest green shipping regulations. This will include work to prepare vessels for shallow-water sailing. Den Breejen Shipyard lays out road map for 2023 projects Den Breejen’s newest ship Thurgau Gold will be delivered in June 2023 Ports in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia expect to welcome more than 300 cruise calls in the 2023 season, marking an increase from previous years. The cruise season is scheduled to start on 22 April when Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Dawn arrives at the Port of Halifax and will close on 9 November, when Silversea Cruises’ Silver Shadow departs from Halifax. The Port of Sydney will receive its first vessel, Holland America Line’s Zaandam, on 25 April, while its last vessel will be Oceania Cruises’ Insignia on 5 November. Several smaller ports including Shelburne, Lunenburg, Pictou County and Louisbourg are also expecting cruise vessels. Nova Scotia cruise ports expecting strong growth in 2023 Photo: Port of Sydney DID YOU KNOW? of British travellers enjoy trying regional delicacies – such as beer and waffles in Belgium or crepes in France – when they are on holiday, which has a large impact on the destinations they choose to visit, according to a Discover Ferries survey. 60%

WINDOW COVERINGS FOR SMART SHIPS Forest Group offers different drapery hardware solutions especially made for cruise ships. Whether you choose for our motorised curtain tracks or rods, roller blinds or roman blinds your guest will experience ‘the Forest Factor’. Which stands for a unique combination of smooth hanging curtains, comfortable luxury and optimal ease of use. THE WORLD BEHIND YOUR CURTAINS For more info OPEN IT A THOUSAND TIMES AND YOU’LL SEE THE DIFFERENCE At first glance, cabin doors look pretty much the same. Over the years, clear differences emerge. Antti doors stand the test of time and keep closing and opening as designed. From a cabin manufacturer’s perspective, the most important Antti feature is that certified doors arrive exactly when and as contracted. Thanks to their flexible frame installation method, Antti doors are easy to install and perfectly fitted. See our tips for offer request: