Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

173 VIEWPOINT Timeless elegance By Fredrik Johansson, Tillberg Design of Sweden Tillberg Design of Sweden is following a clear and unique vision as it designs Four Seasons Yachts first vessels Our collaboration began with a very clear and unique vision from our client, Philip Levine, owner and joint operator of Four Seasons Yachts. He condensed our brief into a single line: “Imagine Christina O meets James Bond!” As we looked at that brief, we reflected on Christina O’s history as the legendary yacht once owned by Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis, steeped in the stories of the rich and famous and a milestone in luxury yachts. James Bond, of course, needs no introduction. There is nothing better for a project than to base your design on a clear vision like this. It immediately sparks endless imagination and possibilities. It triggered us to design a truly unique yacht which will deliver classic and intimate experiences that become incomparable life-long memories. The yacht’s exterior design has been developed in-house, with our yacht designer Riccardo Manzoni playing an instrumental role. We wanted to create a truly timeless elegance, through a curvaceous architecture. Like Christina O, the Four Seasons yacht has been designed to feature a 20-metre-long pool at the aft, with a surrounding landscaped deck that offers a layout suited for both privacy and socialising. The pool bottom will double up as a stage for catwalks, live music performances and more. Christina O’s silhouette is largely shaped by its large and iconic funnel, which we wanted to replicate on the new yacht while maintaining our commitment to minimising its emissions. The concept of the sublime Funnel Suite was therefore born. The suite will provide 892 square metres of space, distributed over four levels, which will be accessible directly from a tender platform at water level. This will allow guests to invite friends onboard in complete discretion. To us, this is as close as you will come to a James Bond moment on any yacht! Another spectacular feature will be the transversal marina, which will feature a terraced design to give guests immediate access to water activities. It will also be able to be transformed into an exclusive dining venue from which you will almost be able to dip your toes in the water. Led by our celebrated design director My Östin, Tillberg Design of Sweden’s highly creative design group will also create suites and social spaces that will reflect a truly effortless dolce vita, offering everything that is essential for an epic yachting experience. Fredrik Johansson is a partner and executive director at Tillberg Design of Sweden