Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

125 Robert Habeck, federal minister for economic affairs and climate action, who handed over the approvals at the shipyard. “It requires investments in the expansion of bunker infrastructure which will enable the refuelling of maritime vessels with LNG and renewable fuels. I am delighted that, thanks to the efforts of all those involved in the project, we have succeeded in realising the funding of three new innovative bunker vessels this year.” Each bunker vessel will have a capacity of 4,500 cubic metres and will be deployed to supply LNG fuel to LNG dual-fuel vessels, such as the new generation of cruise ships sailing to ports in Germany and Europe. The bunker vessels can also be upgraded to supply green ammonia and methanol in the future. Both fuels offer significant potential as cleaner-burning alternatives to heavy fuel oil, allowing shipowners to reduce their environmental impact and comply with tightening emissions limits. However, the industry needs to make technological and regulatory advancements for them to become viable marine fuels. FSG is also committing to the investigation of the viability of alternative fuels as part of a project with Oceanex on the design of new vessels for the Canadian shipping company. The partners intend to test the utilisation of fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, synthetic fuels and biofuels, as well as technologies based on them. If successful, the resulting advances would be significant for the construction of ships across the industry, including passenger vessels. The innovations and advances made in projects such as the design and construction of the bunker vessels and the Oceanex partnership are a crucial component in the path towards ensuring that cruise and ferry vessels powered by alternative fuels become more widely spread throughout the industry. With its role in this and similar projects, FSG is helping pave the way to greener, more sustainable shipping. “ We want to be a driver when it comes to the energy transition in shipping” Philipp Maracke FSG Grants for three planned LNG bunker vessels were handed over at FSG’s yard in Flensburger, Germany