Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

175 Photo: credit yachts. We specialise in the installation of balustrades, bar counters, fixed furniture and detailed decorations, as well as outfitting public toilets, installing teak decks, and carrying out glasswork, plumbing and upholstery. These capabilities make Decon a top turnkey marine outfitter for public spaces such as casinos, theatres, lounges, restaurants, cabins and outdoor areas. To successfully deliver such projects, we know that we need to have more than just technical know-how; it’s mandatory that we also have a strong and flexible management strategy. After carrying out work in Korea, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Germany and France, Decon is capable of operating a fully functional on-site office, providing clients with stand-by support whenever they require it. Decon also has a longstanding partnership with Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France. Having established the Decon France branch in 2007, the company now owns a warehouse near to the yard for stocking materials, allowing it to quickly fulfil urgent requests from clients. The capacity of the company overall is also remarkable; over the past few years we have been working on multiple projects per year for major cruise companies such as Royal Caribbean International, MSC Cruises and Celebrity Cruises. All of these achievements would never have happened without devoted employees, the company’s most valuable resource. Decon’s strong belief is making things happen together, working and performing eagerly and creating a healthy and content environment for its people, partners and customers. Theodoros Kioukas is CEO and owner of Decon Decon’s projects in 2022 included work onboard MSC Cruises’ MSC World Europa (above and bottom left) and Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Beyond (bottom right)