Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

55 respectively. Silversea has taken an allnew design approach to ensure they are ideally suited for ocean cruising.” Silversea’s new Nova-class ships will boast an innovative new design, some of the most spacious suites at sea and a range of high-end public venues. The ship class is expected to utilise a trio of power sources, including fuel cells, battery technology and dual-fuel engines running primarily on LNG. A first for the cruise line, the ships’ horizontal layout and asymmetrical design will offer guests all-new outdoor spaces for an unprecedented openness to the destination, as well as a natural flow between venues on entire decks. “The Nova-class ships represent a milestone in our strategy to build the perfect ship for every itinerary, with their array of venues enhancing the guest experience to a new level,” says Muckermann. “Pushing boundaries in ultra-luxury travel, they will enrich the social aspect of cruising to unprecedented levels, while their openness to the destinations they visit will offer guests a new way of connecting with the world. “We’re incredibly grateful to [parent company] Royal Caribbean Group for enabling us to grow and enhance our fleet; we wouldn’t have been able to do so at this unprecedented rate without its support.” Like many in the cruise industry, Muckermann is confident that there are signs of growth in the sector. Her appointment as the first woman to lead Silversea and the first European to helm one of Royal Caribbean Group’s three wholly owned brands, marks what is another important milestone in diversifying the industry. “It’s a fascinating time to be part of the cruise world, particularly the ultra-luxury market as it evolves and attracts new, discerning travellers,” she says. “I’m proud of what Silversea has accomplished as a sector leader in the past few years, with many women taking on pivotal roles within the business – both onboard and shoreside. The cruise industry has evolved and today we have perhaps more female CEOs than at any time in our history. I hope my story will inspire many more women to consider a career in the maritime industry. “I’m proud of where the industry is heading and, as part of one of the world’s largest cruise companies, Silversea is perfectly placed to spearhead its evolution. I’m honoured to be at the helm during what promises to be an incredibly exciting time for both Silversea and our industry as a whole.” “ Silver Nova represents a milestone in our strategy to build the perfect ship for every itinerary” Left: Silver Endeavour was acquired from Crystal Cruises and renovated to sail expeditions in the polar regions. Above: Guests’ evolving needs inspired Silversea to introduce the Otium wellness programme in 2022 Silversea’s S.A.L.T. programme is designed to unlock the world’s authentic food cultures, both onboard the ships and in the destinations they visit