Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

18 showing them how they can develop personally and professionally, whilst also making a real difference to the success of our business and the happiness of our guests,” he explains. As part of this, Carnival Corporation wants to ensure that every employee has a voice within the organisation. “Historically, the maritime industry has been very hierarchical, particularly onboard the ships where the people at the top gave the orders and those lower down the ranks were expected to do whatever they were told without question in order to keep their jobs,” says Weinstein. “Fortunately, attitudes have significantly changed and today we recognise that every employee is equally vital to our success, regardless of their role onboard our ships or within our wider business. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard, so it’s crucial that we’re an open and inclusive organisation where everyone can comfortably and confidently raise concerns or share their ideas. “Our brand leaders are all very passionate about going onboard the ships and talking with as many crew members as possible because they’re right on the front line and can share some of the most valuable insights. They know what’s top of mind for our guests, and they can tell us which of our processes are working well and what operational challenges they’re facing. And they often have good ideas that may help us to resolve these issues too.” Providing a safe environment and working conditions for all employees is another corporate priority. “The past few years have been tough for everyone, and the pandemic has been instrumental in reminding us how important it is to take good care of our employees’ physical and mental health,” says Weinstein. “We’ve always prioritised their physical health and safety but now we’re investing much more heavily in taking a holistic approach that enables us to proactively protect and improve their mental well-being too. For example, we’ve created multiple new channels to enable individuals to openly communicate their needs or concerns with their direct manager, the human resources team or others in the business who might be able to help them. Plus, we’ve introduced a service to enable them to speak confidentially with qualified healthcare professionals too.” These services are particularly important for crew members who often spend prolonged periods of time living and working on ships. “This can be both lonely and challenging at times, so we’ve expanded broadband capacity onboard our ships to make it much easier for crew members to stay connected with loved ones back home,” says Weinstein. Another of Weinstein’s responsibilities has been to welcome multiple ships to the global fleet. In the 2022 financial year (from December 2021 to November 2022), Carnival Corporation took delivery of new flagships for five of its brands – AIDA Cruises’ AIDAcosma, Costa Cruises’ Costa Toscana, Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Celebration, Princess Cruises’ Discovery Princess and its first luxury expedition ship, Seabourn Venture. P&O New ships offer the cruise brands the opportunity to develop innovative new entertainment options, such as the immersive multimedia escape room experience onboard P&O Cruises’ Arvia Photo: Christopher Ison  © KEYNOTE