Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

Foreword Change for the better Change, as we’ve all experienced in recent years, can be challenging. However, it can also be rewarding. It forces us to examine and refine, even redefine, our operations for the better. In this issue, we explore how passenger shipping leaders have demonstrated innovation and invention, increasing business resilience and agility and advancing progress in areas such as diversity and sustainability. One of those leaders is Josh Weinstein of Carnival Corporation. In his first keynote interview for CFR (page 14), we hear about his focus on increasing inclusivity, advancing sustainability and finding new and exciting ways to enhance the guest experience. Another is Barbara Muckermann, who explains (from page 50) how teamwork, itinerary innovation, new ships and a guestcentric approach will drive Silversea Cruises’ continued success. Fifteen more executives from ocean, river and expedition cruise lines also share their strategies for success. Our Ferry Business section (page 88) begins with Interferry’s Mike Corrigan, whose regular column provides another thorough account of the association’s priorities, which align with the market’s most pressing issues. Philippe Holthof speaks with SHK Line Group’s Yasuo Iritani for our featured interview, starting on page 90, while Simon Johnson talks with Grandi Navi Veloci’s Matteo Della Valle in the first in a series of new customer experiencefocused interviews. There’s plenty more in this issue too, including Jill Stoneberg on Virgin Voyages’ carbon reduction road map and Marcus Puttich discussing TUI Cruises’ itinerary planning strategy. Enjoy the read! Jon Ingleton Executive Editor, Cruise & Ferry Review SS/23 CONTRIBUTORS CFR would like to thank all of those who contributed to this issue, including: Shashi Caan Shashi is a multidisciplinary design expert who founded the SCC/ GloWD and is CEO of the IFI. She bridges architectural design theory, research and practice to optimise improvement and impact. Fredrik Johansson Fredrik joined Tillberg Design of Sweden in 1994 and is now a partner and executive director. He has managed numerous passenger ship projects and specialises in spatial design and client liaison. Simon Johnson Simon is the director of Shipshape Consulting and CFR’s expert ferry industry advisor. He regularly contributes to the Ferry Business section, this time hosting the first in a series of customer experiencefocused interviews. Dr Phil Thompson Phil is a maritime synthetic environment modelling expert and has worked extensively on e-navigation, traffic simulation, digital twins, artificial intelligence and other projects with ship and terminal operators.