Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

159 Sileather – silicone fabrics Sileather silicone fabrics are highly durable and resistant to abrasion, which enables them to withstand high amounts of foot traffic. Sileather can also withstand exposure to sun bleaching, saltwater spray, chlorinated water, extreme temperatures, as well as everyday cleaning. Its durability also extends to stainresistance. Extensive lab testing has shown that Sileather silicone fabrics are resistant to most contaminants such as coffee, red wine and marker pen. Stains can be easily removed with water or detergent. Hera – reading luminaire Hera’s adjustable bedside reading light aims to combine relaxation and comfort with product quality and longevity. It features a simple aesthetic, 360-degree handling, 90-degree tilt, long product lifecycle and direct connection to 230-volt power supply. Hera’s product range has a system guarantee of up to five years and is certified for the safety of lighting systems on a regular basis. Through this, it aims to reduce the need to replace fixtures and enhance overall durability of a ship’s in-cabin fixtures. GDS Pioneering Light – Drive Hub Drive Hub by GDS Pioneering Light provides an efficient, reliable and flexible way to light any new or old vessel. The technology removes key components from inaccessible locations which improves reliability, accessibility and performance. Drive Hub will power and control widely distributed LED fixtures via data cables, or repurpose legacy cabling using GDS’s Integrated Power Management. The system delivers significant carbon savings over standard LED and halogen installations, and notably reduces power consumption.