Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

157 Windmöller – wineo PURLINE sea Modern vessels and advanced offshore facilities require great technical knowledge as well as reliable and resilient technologies to overcome the challenges of the world’s oceans and offer people a modern and safe environment at sea. Windmöller has developed the wineo PURLINE sea flooring solution to meet these needs. The flooring solution is extremely hard-wearing, resistant to chemicals and ultraviolet light and is certified by the International Maritime Organization. In addition, it is entirely natural and made from renewable raw materials. Brintons – Axminster carpet Brintons has been a pioneer of woven carpet for over 230 years. Its Axminster carpet is made with British Wool that is woven and locked into place by backing yarn to create a strong, integrated three-dimensional structure. This method of carpet manufacturing creates a high-performance floor covering that meets the demands of the heaviest traffic areas, and when cleaned properly, can last a lifetime. Continental – Skai Surface specialist Continental has developed a solution to the accidents that occur as a result of a relaxing at-sea travel experience. Its high-quality Skai Toronto EN artificial leather featuring staynu technology is extremely hard-wearing and easy to clean. Its composition prevents stains from adhering to, or penetrating, the surface. Its efficacy is illustrated by the fact that marks from ballpoint pens can be easily removed with suitable cleaning agents.