Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

134 REPORT Pioneering innovation CFR highlights some of the solutions helping improve operations and deliver new services for passenger ship operators VisionMaster Net bridge system Bridge design and layout is subject to strict regulation and the equipment required accounts for more space than the display consoles with which navigators interact. To help meet these requirements, Sperry Marine makes its bridge system as compact and networked as possible, with features focused on delivering a safe user experience. The VisionMaster Net bridge system features large flat panel screens but fewer console cabinets, a layout that allows for greater efficiency. Using a single ethernet ring, the bridge provides an optimised working environment for navigators to work in and equipment to remotely access views of critical screens such as radar and an electronic chart display and information system. MXP enterprise platform MarineXchange’s MXP is a fully integrated enterprise platform designed for the needs of the cruise industry. With its range of purposebuilt applications and application programming interfaces, MXP offers a one-stop solution to manage the entire customer journey, from precruise sales, check-in and data enrichment to all onboard activities and post-cruise data analysis. The large number of mobile applications streamline all shipboard processes, improve the guest experience, increase operational efficiency and maximise revenues. As a result, MXP has become the go-to solution for more than 50 cruise and hospitality brands. SES Cruise mPOWERED In the competitive cruise industry, customer experience is critical. And connectivity is a key aspect of any onboard experience. Enabled by O3b mPOWER, SES’s next-generation medium earth orbit communications system, SES’s Cruise mPOWERED service provides industry-best bandwidth per ship and low-latency performance, fully managed end-to-end. In combination with SES’s geostationary satellite fleet, Cruise mPOWERED enables seamless broadband globally. As the only commercially successful multi-orbit satellite operator in the cruise market, SES delivers the right combination of satellite and networking technologies to deliver high network performance across an entire fleet.