Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

149 Photo: credit driven focus helps it to deliver reliable and attentive services to clients. “I have seen first-hand how AngloEastern treats people,” he says. “We have employees who’ve been here 30-40 years and that’s because we have the right culture. Advertising, Facebook and LinkedIn are all great for promoting your brand, but your best ambassador is a current employee, or a past employee who says, ‘the best time of my life was at Anglo-Eastern’.” With a stronger workforce and more resources, Anglo-Eastern can now help cruise lines adjust to changing trends and new customer expectations. “In the ocean safari (expedition cruise) sector, the ship is like a base camp,” says Wertanzl. “When we first started, we had rushed social activities and the bathrooms were in the corridors, but guests were still happy because it was destination-driven. “Over the past 10 years, the quality of expeditions has been rising as newbuilds have entered the industry with nicer cabins, bigger bathrooms and more restaurants. Guest expectations are now higher too.” Luxury hotel brands are now branching into the cruise industry and Wertanzl believes that Anglo-Eastern Leisure Management now has the capacity to help them make a smooth transition. “It’s very nice to get new challenges and explore new concepts,” he says. “With one client we are working on a sushi bar, we also have themed teas and a new steakhouse. We would be a great platform for anybody who would like our expertise in migrating a land-based hotel experience to the sea.” Anglo-Eastern Cruise Management is also exploring how it can use technology to help its customers get more from available data, increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. “Everything is about data now, how you collect it, analyse it and use it,” says Sukhrani. “Most businesses use data to analyse past performance, but that is looking at things through a rear-view mirror. When you drive a car, you look forward through the windscreen, and that’s the approach Anglo-Eastern is taking. We are using real-time information to make future decisions. “The customer of tomorrow is genuinely concerned about the planet. So, we have designs for ships fuelled by ammonia or natural gas, and there are proof-of-concept designs for using hydrogen as a fuel. The company is investing a lot in these technologies that makes sense for our customers and stakeholders.” “ Your best ambassador is a current employee, or a past employee who says, ‘the best time of my life was at Anglo-Eastern’” Sanjay Sukhrani Anglo-Eastern Cruise Management