Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

179 VIEWPOINT Beadlight products are not only used in the cruise industry, but also in the aerospace sector. This means our designs must pass stringent testing requirements to ensure they are highly reliable, long-lasting and very low maintenance (they just require a wipe with a soft cloth to remove fingerprints). One example of our reliable and easily maintained products is our stem lights, which feature a handstitched leather stem and a brass head. This makes the stem durable and enables cruise guests to easily manoeuvre the light into different positions without the head drooping over time. Beadlight works with designers to ensure we can create the right product that will fulfil the shipowner’s brief and suit the environment it will be used in. Consequently, we offer a wide selection of stocked finishes and leathers, as well as custom options. Our patented Beadlight diffusion system is particularly popular in cruise ship cabins because it provides the perfect amount of LED illumination for reading in a dark room. They enable someone to read on one side of a double bed while their companion remains undisturbed on the other side. The lights can be provided with 12- or 28-volt power supply units, or they can be connected to mains power via a transformer. We also perform light cone analysis studies to ensure that our products will light the required area of a space. In addition, we offer different light fixture options to suit various installations, including lights that can be attached through or behind the headboard, lights that can be fixed from the front with a slim circular baseplate that can also accommodate a switch, and lights that fasten directly to the wall and connect to mains power. Matt Swiergon is a sales manager at Beadlight By Matt Swiergon, Beadlight The right light for cruise ships Beadlight’s products pass stringent requirements to ensure they are highly reliable and are easy to maintain, which makes them perfect for cruise ship cabins Beadlight’s Cirrus wall light features a handstitched leather stem and a brass head