Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

FEATURE Interior endurance Elly Yates-Roberts highlights a selection of cruise and ferry interiors providers that are helping brands create timeless spaces with solutions that are both budget- and environment-friendly Designing onboard spaces is about creating visually appealing décor that may tell a story, represent the brand of the cruise and ferry operator, or highlight specific elements that are synonymous with the space’s intended use. However, designers must also consider one other key factor: durability. The ability for the onboard furnishings to withstand wear and tear is essential from a visual, cost and sustainability perspective. “Performance is part of the DNA of every project we design,” says Yohandel Ruiz, founding partner of Miamibased interior design firm Studio DADO. “Good design must not only be aesthetically beautiful but also functional. Part of that functionality revolves around how a project will perform and age. We weave the operational component into the conversation so that we can ensure each space is properly maintained long after we release the project into the world.” A recent example of this is Studio DADO’s work on Oceania Cruises’ Oceania Vista. Lead designer Michelle Colangelo selected Dansk Wilton’s Origin carpet solution which uses a yarn blend of 80 per cent undyed wool, 154 Studio DADO used Dansk Wilton’s Origin onboard Oceania Vista because of the carpet’s high percentage of undyed wool