Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

F. Ball and Co. Ltd. – Recommended Adhesives Guide Delivering high-quality flooring is not necessarily a simple procedure. “In addition to the flooring itself, the subfloor and adhesives are fundamental to the product’s aesthetics, safety and durability,” says Neil Sanders, technical director of F. Ball and Co. Ltd. To adhere the floorcovering to the levelling compound – which is used to create a smooth flooring base – interior design teams must ensure that the adhesive is compatible with the floor covering type and material. F. Ball has created a Recommended Adhesives Guide which matches adhesives with over 6,000 floorcoverings from more than 200 international manufacturers. Each recommendation is tried and tested by F. Ball and endorsed by each manufacturer. Ege Carpets – Colortec carpet Ege Carpets’ Colortec concept combines visual appeal with plush comfort to meet and surpass passenger expectations. Ege Carpets helps cruise and ferry brands to bring a new look and feel to all onboard spaces, from cabins and corridors to casinos and theatres. The firm can customise its Colortec range, providing design freedom that matches customers’ bespoke requirements. Ege Carpets’ proprietary manufacturing technology and use of pre-dyed yarn produces clearly defined pattern outputs. Its carpets are also available in different weights and classification classes suitable for a variety of different areas. FEATURE 156