Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

151 CR Ocean Engineering (CROE) is a supplier of scrubbing systems and carbon capture systems. With roots dating back to 1917 and experience providing thousands of onshore and onboard scrubbers, CROE is one of the most respected and experienced air pollution control companies in the world. The CROE scrubbing system is designed to be lightweight, small in diameter, highly efficient and cost effective. It has low backpressure, an all-metallic construction, requires no bypass, replaces the silencer and can run dry. The CROE Scrubbing System is available in dry or wet, open-loop (seawater), closed-loop (freshwater) or hybrid configurations. The closed-loop scrubber also comes with a washwater system. The system has been installed on cruise ships, ro-pax and ro-ro ferries, bulk carriers, tankers, container ships and heavy lift vessels. Emissions reduction | Engineering | Environmental and hygiene | Technology FarSounder 151 Lavan St, Warwick, Rhode Island, 02888 USA Cassie Stetkiewicz, Director of Operations Tel: +1 401 784 6700 Daspos Gl. Klausdalsbrovej 495, Herlev, DK-2730 Denmark Lars Gerner, CEO Tel: +45 4432 7767 Cummins 4400 Leeds Ave, Suite 300, Charleston, SC 29405 USA Eddie Brown, Business Development Leader, Marine Tel: +18 43 860 2015 CR Ocean Engineering 6 Campus Drive, Suite S101, Parsippany, New Jersey, 07054 USA Dominique Philibert, President and Chief Operations Officer Tel: +1 973 455 0005 Cummins Marine has a wide range of diesel engine and genset power ratings from four to 3,132 kilowatts, designed to support both newly constructed and existing global passenger vessels sailing on routes less than one kilometre long or upwards of 900 kilometres in length. The company has tailored diesel, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell solutions to suit customers’ unique power requirements, a service network that understands how its customers operate, and a collaborative approach to engineering that makes its products feel personalised. Cummins has a widespread support network and can offer services from 7,600 locations across 190 countries. The reliability and availability of Cummins products means less maintenance costs and higher uptime for operators, and a safe, smooth ride for passengers. Engineering | Propulsion | Ship equipment | Technology Daspos is a Danish company that provides durable fire protection solutions for the maritime industry, including a leakage alarm system, the LAS-10 fire prevention solution, an atmospheric oil mist and hydrocarbon detection system for open engine rooms, and the new hot-box detector, H-18. The LAS-10 fire prevention solution builds on the functionality of the leakage alarm system by delivering a large volume of air flow – 10,000 litres per minute – through a detection chamber and a specially designed filter. The electronics in the detector combine and analyse the content of gasses and oil sprays. If the pressure suddenly increases, it notifies the crew to prevent a dangerous situation occurring because, as its motto states: “The best fires are the ones that never took place.” Engineering | Ship safety | Technology Taking a passenger ship into an uncharted or poorly charted area is challenging – there may be icebergs, whales, lost shipping containers or storm debris in the water columns. To mitigate risks while travelling these challenging waters, companies must go beyond regulations and invest in equipment to ensure the safety of their vessels, passengers and crew. FarSounder Argos navigation sonars have a range of 1,000 metres and provide a real-time image of the seabed and the water columns ahead of the cruise ship. The image is displayed in both a 3D omni view and a chart view, enabling the bridge crew to identify potential hazards and give them time to adjust course if necessary, so they can sail ahead with confidence. This allows cruise lines to access exclusive destinations easily. Maps and charts | Ship safety | Technology