Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

75 Photo: credit guardian member exploring best tactics in achieving our carbon neutral goals.” Variety Cruises also strives to have a positive impact on its guests and crew, which is why it is actively involved in initiatives to promote diversity, inclusion and equality within both its shipboard and onshore teams. “We strive to educate staff and onboard crew members with equality in mind,” says Venetopoulos. “This includes mental health and LGBTQ+ training, so that our crew feel comfortable and included working on our ships, which has a positive effect on our guest experiences. We are also a proud member of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, and we ensure that we are up to date with information and proactive strategies.” In addition, Variety Cruises offers guests the opportunity to join cruises led by LGBTQ+ allies. “Of course, they are inclusive so they’re open to everyone,” says Venetopoulos. “We also produce, create and support media initiatives that educate and promote equal opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community for both employees and guests. “We will put our energy into leaving this planet in a better shape than how we found it, one cruise at a time,” he adds, reflecting on the line’s sustainability and diversity initiatives. “We will do this by educating ourselves, staff, customers, suppliers and everyone else involved in our ecosystem, and work together to become a force for good.” Fillippos Venetoupolos (right) took over from his father Lakis as CEO of Variety Cruises in 2020 The line expanded its itinerary offerings with 10-day voyages to French Polynesia in February 2023 “Sustainability is a core pillar of our brand identity and we aim to be carbon neutral by 2050”