Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

181 Photo: Bastione - Cagliari Tarragona Cruise Port, Spain Tarragona Cruise Port has experienced spectacular growth in recent years. The city of Tarragona, which has been recognised multiple times by Unesco, offers a variety of excursions for all types of travellers. For example, it has wineries, modernist facades, a museum dedicated to Spanish architect Antonio Gaudí in Reus, PortAventura theme park and Ferrari Land, among other excursions that can be tailored to suit specific requirements. In 2024, Tarragona will open a new cruise terminal, which will be managed by Global Ports Holding, the world’s largest cruise port operator. The single-storey terminal building will be transparent and functional, and will be self-sufficient and sustainable. Cagliari Cruise Port, Italy The capital of Sardinia’s cruise terminal is located on the Rinascita Pier at Cagliari Cruise Port. The Mediterranean island offers visitors the opportunity to tour two Unesco sites: Barumini, which is home to an important Nuragic complex, and Nora, an archaeological site with PhoenicianPunic-Roman origins. In addition, there are a vast number of beaches where visitors can relax, swim, play sports or venture into the dunes with a quad bike. Cruise guests can also head to nearby villages, to explore their unique history and customs, and to try their colourful clothes and tasty food and wine products. Catania Cruise Port, Italy Located in the centre of the eastern Sicilian coast, Catania Cruise Port offers cruise lines a port with a terminal and maritime, security and ship services. It is situated a short distance from the area’s main attractions, making it easy for visitors to take in Catania’s Baroque architecture, which contributed to the city being included in the Unesco World Heritage list in 2002, as well as sample the many flavours from the rich, local cuisine. In addition, within less than one hour’s drive, guests can visit Taormina, a Greco-Roman hilltop town, and Syracuse, a historic city on the Ionian coast. There are also excursions to Etna, the highest active volcano in Eurasia, where visitors can take a ride on a historic train.