Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

121 capacity, whilst the quays have four 30-ton cranes and one 60-ton crane. As well as standard repairs and conversion, the team can carry out deck lengthening and refurbishment projects, as well as work to modernise public spaces onboard ships. Palumbo Shipyards Messina, Italy The Palumbo Shipyard is in Messina’s harbour and carries out refits, repairs, maintenance and conversions on vessels up to 268 metres long. Its dock is 26 metres long, 36 metres wide and has a depth of nine metres. The shipyard also has rail-mounted cranes with a lift capacity of 40 tons and can conduct afloat repairs. It also offers electric, hydraulic, mechanical, piping and painting services. San Giorgio Del Porto Genoa, Italy San Giorgio Del Porto is sister to the Chantier Naval de Marseille shipyard and is located in the Port of Genoa. There are five dry docks, the largest of which is 267 metres long. There is one mobile crane that can lift 100 tons, as well as five mobile shore cranes that can lift 30 tons, and seven dockside rail cranes with capacities ranging from seven to 40 tons. It also operates pipe and steel workshops. Palumbo Shipyards Paola, Malta The shipyard is in Malta’s harbour and offers refits, repairs, conversion and afloat repairs, as well as electrical, hydraulic and mechanical services. It has six graving docks (one of which Sembcorp Singapore Huarun Dadong Dockyard Shanghai, China