Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

130 alarm to quickly notify crew of the issue before a fire has ignited. CBG Systems is also improving the sustainability of passenger ships through its RAC Plus structural fire protection system. The solution – which comes in the form of wall panelling – can withstand temperatures of more than 1,000C and offer at least 60 minutes of fire protection. It also delivers significant weight reductions, which directly lowers fuel consumption and carbon emissions. In addition to alternative fuels, shipowners are installing new propulsion systems available to reduce their environmental impact and safety risks. One example is the compact version of Schottel’s EcoPeller solution, which combines propeller thrust and lateral force. The unit has been made smaller by removing the gearbox and integrated electric motor, which minimises noise and vibration, optimises hydrodynamics and improves efficiency and stability. This lowers fuel consumption and operating costs and emissions. Beyond decarbonisation, alternative fuels and fire prevention, many maritime organisations are considering the use of and effects on water in their work to improve the industry’s sustainability status. For Tower Supplies, this means creating more responsible products for onboard cleaning and disinfection. Current offerings often include synthetically manufactured chemicals with a high carbon footprint that can pollute seawater, thereby impacting underwater ecosystems and biodiversity. Tower Supplies’ CtrlFlow ECA solution uses electrochemical activation (ECA) to clean onboard surfaces, removing the need for harmful chemicals and minimising use of plastic storage solutions. Once installed onboard, the system provides an infinite supply and can quickly improve a vessel’s sustainability status. Biofouling also has serious implications for underwater ecosystems and fuel consumption. The accumulation of microorganisms, plants or algae on ship hulls can cause invasive aquatic species to be translocated, while the extra mass on the ship can increase drag and reduce hydrodynamics. Subsea Global Solutions helps its customers to combat these challenges through its underwater services. Its skilled technicians use hull cleaning systems with multi-stage filtration to save clients’ money, reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and recycle biofouling waste. CF GREEN LIST Fire protective wall panels from CBG Systems are much lighter than alternatives, directly lowering fuel consumption and carbon emissions Daspos LAS-10 detects oil mist and hydrocarbons to alert crew before a fire ignites