Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

122 is covered), with lengths ranging from 98 to 362 metres. The docks are supported by rail-mounted cranes with a lifting capacity of 1,250 tons. The shipyard often works on ships operated by co-owner MSC Group’s MSC Cruises brand. Astilleros de Santander Santander, Spain Astilleros de Santander is located at the southern end of the Port of Santander. It has a 130-metre-long dry dock and a 230-metre dry dock that has a 55,000-deadweight tonnage capacity, two thruster pits, and three cranes, including one that can lift up to 200 tons. There are also workshops for carrying out mechanical, steel, pipe and electrical work. Navantia Cadiz, Spain Navantia’s Cadiz shipyard specialises in maintaining, repairing and modernising large cruise ships. There are seven dry docks with lengths between 58 and 386 metres, the largest is 66 metres wide and has 440,000 deadweight tonnage capacity. Cranes have a capacity of up to 100 tons, and quays have a maximum draught of nine metres. There is also a wastewater treatment plant. ASIA Huarun Dadong Dockyard Shanghai, China There are eight repair jetties at the Huarun Dadong Dockyard in Shanghai. There is one 380-metre-long dry dock that is 103 metres wide, as well as four floating docks measuring between 195 and 360 metres in length. The graving dock has five cranes, including four that can lift between 45 and 50 tons, and a gantry crane that can lift 800 tons. The facility also has steel, pipe and coating workshops. Sembcorp Singapore Sembcorp Marine Admiralty Yard has five docks, with lengths ranging from 202 to 384 metres. The largest dock has a 400,000-deadweight tonnage capacity, whilst another dock has a draft of 13.6 metres. The shipyard has dust-controlled cryogenic workshops and conducts both repair and conversion projects. It is also able to carry out afloat and anchorage repairs. CANADA Seaspan Vancouver Drydock Vancouver, Canada Vancouver Drydock is a full-service and vessel repair facility. It has two Lloyd’s Register-classed floating dry docks, both with 30,000-ton lifting capacity and lengths of 202 metres and 140 metres, respectively. It also has a 210-metre-long pier with 10.5-metre water depth and an on-site water treatment plant. Seaspan Victoria Shipyard Victoria, Canada Seaspan’s Victoria shipyard offers fullservice drydocking and wet berth refit services. It has a solid foundation graving dock which is 360 metres in length and can be separated into three sections if the shipyard team needs to work on multiple projects concurrently. In addition, the facility has two deep-water berths that are 340 and 300 metres long. There are also three rail-mounted cranes with 150-ton capacity, and five diesel-powered mobile cranes with 150-ton capacity. NORTH AMERICA BAE Systems Jacksonville, USA BAE Systems Jacksonville Ship Repair in Florida is located at the intersection of the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. It has a floating dry dock, 497 metres of pier space and two marine railways with a 4,000- and 1,000-ton lift, respectively. It conducts vessel repair, maintenance and overhaul work. The shipyard is currently building a new shiplift complex that will be operational in 2025 and will increase dry docking capacity to enable the yard to work on six vessels simultaneously. Detyens Shipyards Charleston, USA Detyens Shipyards in South Carolina conducts ship repair and servicing. It has seven full-service deep-water piers up to 304 metres long. It also has four tower cranes and four dry docks of varying sizes, the largest being 229 metres in length. It also has continuous shore power of 480 volts, with up to 8,000 amps per pier and 16,000 amps at pier C, which can help docked ships maintain a power supply and reduce fuel emissions whilst berthed. Vigor Portland, USA Vigor’s 242,811-square-metre Swan Island shipyard in Oregon carries out both ship repair and shipbuilding projects. The facility has three dry docks, with lengths varying from 100 to 293 metres, and 15 piers with a total length of over 3,000 metres. There are 12 whirley cranes with a lift capacity of 134 tons and one gantry crane with a capacity of 600 tons. The yard has 2,300 employees, including welders that can complete aluminium and steel fabrication. REPORT