Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2023

180 FEATURE New in 2023 The itinerary remains a top reason when guests choose a cruise. Richard Humphreys asks selected ports and destinations to outline their new development projects and initiatives as well as the attractions and shore excursions that will enhance the visit for passengers Kristiansund, Norway Kristiansund is known for its beautiful Festiviteten, an opera house that was built almost a century ago. The art nouveau building was built with rocks from the nearby shoreline, financed with private capital from the town’s clipfish production industry, and is beautifully decorated. Visitors can learn how the clipfish sector has contributed to the development of Kristiansund, enjoy traditional folk tunes by the Kristiansund-born composer Edvard Bræin, and taste award-winning and locally produced cider. Port of Castellón, Spain Castellón is a Mediterranean cruise destination not far from mountains that are more than 1,800 metres high. Visitors can head to these mountains to see numerous cave paintings, which are more than 6,000 years old and have helped to contribute to the mountains being declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. Cruise guests can also explore the city of Castellón, which has experienced Iberian, Roman, Muslim and Christian cultures over the centuries. This history has forged nearby cities such as Morella and Vilafamés. Photo: Hans Ohrstrand/