Viking Glory to feature Climeon solutions to reduce carbon emissions

Heat Power System uses waste heat from engines to generate clean electricity
Viking Glory to feature Climeon solutions to reduce carbon emissions
Waste heat from Viking Glory’s engines and exhaust gases are used for ship heating, hot water and to generate electricity with the Heat Power System

By Elly Yates-Roberts |

Viking Line’s new cruise-ferry Viking Glory will be equipped with clean technology from Climeon to reduce carbon emissions. The firm’s Heat Power System will use waste heat from engines to heat the vessel and generate clean electricity. 

Viking Line will also be the first shipping company in the world to install Climeon’s steam turbines, which use waste heat from gases produced during the combustion process. As a result, it expects to reduce Viking Glory’s carbon dioxide emissions by about 4,000 tonnes each year, compared to other similar vessels.

“Fuel is the second biggest expenditure for Viking Line, but being energy efficient is not just about making savings,” said Kari Granberg, project manager for Viking Glory at Viking Line. “What is most important to us is that we actively work for sustainable marine transport. The Climeon Heat Power System will provide up to 40% of the electricity needed for the passenger functions onboard.” 

The technology will initially be used onboard Viking Glory which will enter service in 2021. If successful, it will be rolled out to the line’s six other vessels.  

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