Sustainable Maritime Interiors

In 2022, Cruise & Ferry’s executive editor joined a group of like-minded designers, specifiers and other maritime professionals to try and stimulate a change in the way that maritime interiors are designed, built, maintained and managed through sustainable best practices and considerate end-of-life planning.

The group collaborated to publish the landmark Sustainable Maritime Interiors report in 2022 and the Sustainable Maritime Interiors Declaration Report in 2023.

The declaration aims to make a meaningful contribution to sustainability performance improvement throughout the ship interior life cycle through informed stakeholder guidance and in full support of the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.

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Cruise & Ferry Green List

Curated by our in-house team, the Green List is an annual feature within the Spring/Summer edition of Cruise & Ferry Review. Every year the feature seeks to highlight products and services, within a specific industry field, that can help passenger shipping companies to drive environmental improvements and operate more sustainably.

The full online list has become a permanent record of the companies that have been recognised by our team for their commitment and contribution to sustainable passenger shipping operations since the feature began in 2018.

Sustainability reporting

There is an encouraging growth in awareness of sustainability issues across the cruise and ferry sectors. Many of the leading ports, cruise and ferry operators, manufacturers and others featured in Cruise & Ferry Review lead by example in their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Globally, the ‘triple bottom line’ – taking in environmental, economic and social factors – is becoming more widely accepted as a measure for business integrity and sustainability. In this context, businesses are under unprecedented pressure to provide transparency on their non-financial performance.

Cruise & Ferry Review's publisher Tudor Rose is working in partnership with specialist sustainability consultancy Tangible Things to help organisations initiate regular reporting practices. We offer a unique blend of industry knowledge and current best practice in business sustainability and reporting, through the internationally trusted Global Reporting Initiative framework.

Contact us if you’d like to talk about how sustainability reporting can transform your business. For more information click to download our Brochure and White paper.

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