Valencia invests to develop more sustainable tourism experiences

Spanish city plans multiple projects to coincide with being named European Green Capital for 2024

Valencia invests to develop more sustainable tourism experiences

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By Rebecca Gibson |

The city of Valencia in Spain is to carry out multiple projects to enable it to become a more sustainable tourist destination after being named as the European Green Capital for 2024.

To create a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable city for both locals and visitors, Valencia will implement projects to enable locals and visitors to easily explore natural spaces; promote sustainable mobility by encouraging citizens and visitors to walk, cycle or use public transport; reclaim and rejuvenate public spaces; and protect and celebrate its cultural, natural and gastronomic heritage. It is also developing a new Central Park, which will add 230,000 metres squared of green spaces to the city centre.

In addition, the city will host both local and international events, such as a major conference on ‘mission cities’, as well as celebrations organised through public-private partnerships.

“We want to continue being an authentic and sustainable tourist destination, mitigating climate change and committing to our community and future generations,” said Eva Fernández, international public relations and marketing manager at Visit València.

The city has also published a Green Routes of Valencia manual, which outlines Valencia’s key aims as European Green Capital for 2024, as well as four itineraries that will showcase its sustainability achievements for locals and visitors such as cruise guests.

The first is a nine-kilometre ‘Green River’ route exploring Turia Garden, which is home to 40 species of tree, around 70 species of birds and thousands of insects, and also offers areas for sports, walking and picnicking. Alternatively, visitors can choose the ‘A Historic Centre to Share’ route to walk through the city’s squares and pedestrianised streets to view historic monuments and repurposed heritage buildings.

Meanwhile, those taking ‘The orchard, the sea, and L’Albufera, the city’s pantries’ route can visit the Albufera National Park and the three “natural pantries of Valencia”. These include the rice fields, the peri-urban orchard surrounding the city and the Marina de Valencia. Guests can also opt for the ‘Essential’ route, which integrates the three previous itineraries to enable travellers with limited time in the city – such as cruise guests – to learn about the main sustainability values that enabled Valencia to earn the European Green Capital title.

“Valencia invites cruise enthusiasts to make the most of their stopover by exploring Valencia’s eco-friendly credentials,” said Fernández. “It’s a true opportunity to encounter a destination that seamlessly blends environmental consciousness with unparalleled charm. Additionally, a comprehensive public transportation network seamlessly connects the port to the city centre, ensuring that visitors can fully optimise their stay in the city.”

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