The sky is the limit onboard Smyril Line’s Norröna

Aros Marine tells CFI about the panorama lounge it created on the ro-pax ferry

The sky is the limit onboard Smyril Line’s Norröna
The new outdoor sky bar and a lounge area, Laterna Magica, is one of the public zones that Aros Marine worked on during the €13 million retrofit of Norröna

By Richard Humphreys |

Earlier this year, Faroese shipping company Smyril Line carried out a €13 million ($15.7 million) retrofit of ro-pax ferry Norröna, modernising onboard facilities and adding 50 luxury cabins, with extra space created by moving the crew’s cabins to a different location and removing shared cabins. The ferry, which sails from Hirtshals in northern Denmark to Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands and Seyðisfjörður in Iceland, has also had its upper deck redesigned to include a new outdoor sky bar and a lounge area with a panoramic view. Aros Marine played a pivotal role in these refurbishments.

The shipbuilding and repair company has been in the marine industry for more than 10 years and in that time, has grown from a team of five, to a company with over 600 skilled and experienced employees located around the world.

On the Norröna project, Aros Marine was responsible for the new panorama lounge, Laterna Magica, which is located on deck 10, a total of 30 metres above sea level and affords views of the ocean horizon as the ship sails crosses the Atlantic.

Laterna Magica is conceptually reminiscent of the Viking Crown lounges that were found on some of Royal Caribbean International’s cruise ships in the 1990s and offers a tranquil setting from which to observe the surrounding seascape. The Aros Marine team completed the design and engineering work from scratch and produced all required furniture pieces for the bar concept. The company also worked on other public spaces, such as the reception area and promenade seats, and provide project management and installation services.

According to Jóhan av Reyni, maritime director of Smyril Line, the advice and insights that Aros Marine’s management team gave regarding “the design and engineering solutions regarding bar concept and overall furniture manufacturing” were important to the success of the project. Norröna resumed its North Atlantic route on 1 March.

This article was first published in the 2021 issue of Cruise & Ferry Interiors. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed. 

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