Aros Marine: realising the refurb vision

The outfitter has revamped dining and commercial areas on ForSea’s Tycho Brahe ferry 

Aros Marine: realising the refurb vision

Aros Marine

By Rebecca Gibson |

Tycho Brahe is a battery-electric ferry owned by Øresundslinjen and operated by ForSea on the route connecting Helsingør in Denmark with Helsingborg in Sweden. 

In 2023, ForSea began the ferry’s first interior refit in 12 years and enlisted the help of turnkey interior outfitting company Aros Marine to revamp decks four and five to improve the flow of passengers and introduce automation possibilities at sales points. The design focused on optimising the available space, increasing staff efficiency and facilitating flexible, revenue-generating use of the onboard facilities. 

A team of 100 employees from Aros Marine executed the work in 22 days while Tycho Brahe was in Oresund DryDocks in Landskrona, Sweden. They covered a range of areas, including the main hall, catering spaces, the shop, lounge, restaurant, lobby bar, public areas and staircases. 

It was crucial for Aros Marine to carry out tasks without altering the vessel’s capacity, as well as enabling ForSea to address service challenges at peak times and maintain functionality during off-peak periods. One way it achieved this was by converting a conference area into a restaurant. 

According to Jolanta Lukošė, Aros Marine’s head of project management, the key to the project’s success was the fact the team built a proactive and transparent relationship with the client. “Daily reporting and ‘lean’ practices [which involves assigning specific tasks to individuals] were crucial in maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the project’s progress, and were particularly useful for handling unplanned situations typical in repair projects,” she says. 

Aros Marine Tycho Brahe

Aros Marine has refurbished interiors on Tycho Brahe, including the lounge, restaurant, bar and public areas

For this project, a ‘lean board’ was formed to ensure efficiency, reduce waste and measure progress against key performance indicators (KPIs) during the project. This board served as a central point for the project team to discuss KPIs concerning safety, scheduling, quality and procedures. 

“The shop area was particularly challenging, yet rewarding,” said Andrej Volkov, the project manager for Aros Marine. “It underwent extensive renovations, including new furniture, ceiling work and updates to piping and electricity. The team’s approach of assigning specific tasks to individuals and daily lean meetings enabled proactive discussions and swift reactions to daily challenges, leading to successful outcomes.” 

Andreas Gumabon, retail director at Öresundslinjen, added: “We could not be happier with the outcome of our commercial vessel refurbishment project. Aros Marine’s expertise in both marine refurbishment and understanding the client’s design allowed it to seamlessly marry functionality with aesthetic appeal, resulting in a vessel that exceeded our wildest expectations.” 

Updating the food and beverage areas on Tycho Brahe was a key component of the project. “From the outset, it was evident that Aros Marine understood our vision of creating a unique and remarkable dining experience on the water,” said Alexander Gerencser, food and beverage director at Öresundslinjen.  

“Throughout the project, the Aros Marine team demonstrated a remarkable level of professionalism and dedication. They meticulously helped us through every aspect of executing the refurbishment, from the layout of the dining areas to the selection of high-quality materials and equipment. 

“Aros Marine’s expertise was evident in every aspect of fitting the design and ensuring that every corner of the vessel is visually stunning and highly functional. Communication with the team was always open and transparent, and we received regular updates on the project’s progress. They listened carefully to our feedback and were quick to address any concerns or questions. Their commitment to customer satisfaction was unwavering, and it was clear they genuinely cared about delivering a final product that exceeded our expectations. The craftsmanship has been exceptional.” 

Gerencser was particularly impressed by Aros Marine’s attention to detail in the design of the dining areas, bar and commercial areas, which he describes as “second to none”, adding that it resulted in spaces that were “not only beautiful but also highly functional.” 

“The team’s expertise in marine engineering ensured that all aspects of the vessel were optimised for performance and safety, giving us peace of mind as we set sail,” adds Gerencser. “With the completion of the refurbishment, our vessel is set to become a shining beacon in the culinary world, attracting guests from far and wide to experience our unique dining concept. Realising the innovative design and attention to detail have set us apart from the competition, allowing us to establish ourselves as a leader in the industry.” 

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