Sonardyne creates Sonardyne Group to align subsidiaries

Sonardyne creates Sonardyne Group to align subsidiaries
Sonardyne provides a range of technologies for use across the maritime industry (Image: Sonardyne)

Marine technology specialist Sonardyne has formed a new parent company to increase the breadth of its offering for customers across the organisation’s subsidiaries.

Sonardyne Group will align Chelsea Technologies, EIVA, Wavefront Systems, 2G Robotics and Sonardyne International, while maintaining the operating independence of each company. Sonardyne International’s managing director John Ramsden will take the role of Sonardyne Group CEO.

“The past 18 months have seen some significant changes at Sonardyne,” said Ramsden. “Chelsea, then EIVA, and most recently 2G Robotics, have joined the Sonardyne stable, which already included Wavefront Systems. We acquired each company as part of our long-term growth, diversification and expansion strategy, and because of the potential for closer co-operation between us. We also want to maintain each company’s strengths and identity. We bought them because of their respective strengths; we aim to build on and deepen these through the creation of a new organisational structure, Sonardyne Group.”

Sonardyne was founded in 1971 with a focus on underwater navigation but has since gone on to offer a range of maritime technologies, including navigation and security systems used onboard cruise ships.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
16 March 2020

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