Ashdod Port and Port of Barcelona work together on incubator project

Ashdod Port and Port of Barcelona work together on incubator project

Ashdod Port

Ashdod Port will support start-up marine technology companies through funding and pilot programmes onsite and at the Port of Barcelona

Ashdod Port in Israel has signed a cooperation agreement with the Port of Barcelona in Spain as part of its technology incubator project to support Israeli start-up businesses that are developing technology for marine operations.

The ports will provide the firms with employee guidance and host pilot programmes to aid the development of sustainable energy initiatives, onboard security improvements and other passenger shipping related projects.

The project at Ashdod Port began in 2021 and has since supported over 60 start-up businesses in various fields, including operations, logistics, cyber protections and safety.

“Ashdod Port continues to act vigorously to expand collaborations on innovation with the world’s leading ports,” said Orna Hozman Bechor, chairlady of the board of directors at Ashdod Port. “The Israeli innovation that we foster in our technology incubators has a great deal to offer in a variety of fields that will make the world of shipping and ports more efficient, commencing with the field of logistics and transportation and up to and including control systems and green energy.”

In addition, Ashdod Port will invest NIS 4.5 million ($1.3 million) in four start-up businesses – two of which will operate within the cyber protection industry – to assist with purchasing technology and the signing of a royalty agreement.

Among the businesses to be supported by the new agreement is Captain’s Eye, which has developed an artificial intelligence-based system that includes the instalment of cameras across key onboard locations to help identify and quickly deal with accidents and security threats. The system will also allow crew to monitor the presence of passengers in dangerous places or during emergencies.

“Innovation and digital transformation are creating a new paradigm in all sectors of the economy, and this does not skip over ports,” said Damia Calvet, president of the Port of Barcelona. “At the Port of Barcelona we are convinced that we must welcome the arrival of innovation and new technologies. Tools such as big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and the internet of things will allow us to become more efficient and improve our sustainability and competitiveness. We must do this in cooperation with other ports in the world and with the private sector, by encouraging start-ups and business entrepreneurship.”

Alice Chambers
By Alice Chambers
21 September 2022