Prince Edward Island: a culinary and cultural paradise

Craig Sulis from Tourism Prince Edward Island shares the secrets of this hidden treasure

Prince Edward Island: a culinary and cultural paradise

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“The island’s vibrant culture comes alive as guests stroll along the picturesque streets,” says Sulis

By Alex Smith |

When planning a cruise itinerary in Eastern Canada, cruise lines should put Prince Edward Island (PEI) at the top of their list. The island is always a hit with guests, and with its new welcome programme at Port Charlottetown, this hidden gem has become a must-visit destination for cruise ship travellers seeking unique and enriching experiences. 

Port Charlottetown’s welcome programme ensures that every visitor experiences the true essence of PEI. The island has something to offer everyone, whether it’s a foodie looking for a gastronomic adventure, a music lover seeking the island’s melodic rhythms, or a nature enthusiast yearning to immerse themselves in breathtaking scenery.  

Known as ‘Canada’s Food Island,’ PEI boasts a culinary scene that’s nothing short of extraordinary. The moment passengers disembark, they are greeted with tantalising local delicacies – such as freshly harvested oysters, mussels and lobsters – being served dockside by restauranteurs.  

As guests stroll along the picturesque streets, the island’s vibrant culture comes alive. The sounds of local musicians fill the air, adding a harmonious backdrop to visitors’ island exploration. These talented artists bring to life the island’s rich musical heritage, a fusion of Irish, Scottish and Acadian influences. 

PEI’s landscapes are a feast for the eyes. The island is blessed with rolling hills, pristine forests, white sand beaches, and serene ocean coves. However, what truly sets it apart is the distinctive red soil, a result of its high iron oxide content. This soil, coupled with the lush greenery, contributes to PEI’s reputation as a province of outstanding natural beauty. 

For literature enthusiasts, PEI is known as the home of the beloved Anne of Green Gables. The timeless novel, written by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery, has captivated readers of all ages since its publication in 1908. Guests can step into the enchanting world of Anne Shirley with a visit to Green Gables Heritage Place as they explore the charming farmhouse that inspired Montgomery’s literary masterpiece. 

A cruise to PEI is a journey into a world of culinary delights, cultural richness and natural splendour. With its new welcome programme, PEI invites guests to savour the taste and sound of this remarkable island as soon as they step off the ship.   

Craig Sulis is manager of trade, sales and media at Tourism Prince Edward Island 

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