Posidonia 2024 sees growth in demand from technology companies

The event, which brings together the Greek shipping community, will feature discussions on future innovation  

Posidonia 2024 sees growth in demand from technology companies


Posidonia 2024 hopes to explore the industry’s collective recognition of AI’s potential

By Laura Hyde |

Demand for exhibitor space for advanced technology companies providing services to the shipping industry has risen significantly for Posidonia 2024, according to Theodore Vokos, managing director at Posidonia Exhibitions. 

The event, which takes place from 3 to 7 June at the Athens’ Metropolitan Expo Centre, will provide attendees with insights from industry leaders and key exhibitors on numerous topics, including the need for technological integration and the adoption of artificial intelligence by the maritime industry. The theme for 2024’s biennial event is ‘powering ahead’. 

“A comprehensive report on the future landscape of AI in the maritime sector, titled ‘Out of the box’ and produced by Lloyd’s Register and maritime innovation consultancy Thetius, indicates that the market for AI-driven systems and vessel autonomy is anticipated to achieve a collective value of $5 billion by 2028,” said Vokos. “The report underscores the significance of proactive investment by maritime organisations in enhancing their comprehension of AI across various levels.” 

Discussion topics will include AI’s potential to streamline maritime manufacturing processes. 

“AI stands at the forefront of meeting the technological demands of the maritime industry,” said Andreas Miserlis, owner and CEO of Emmis Marine. “Our commitment to incorporating AI into our R&D department and production lines reflects our proactive approach to staying ahead in the era of digital transformation.” 

“With early AI projects already underway, we look forward to incorporating AI in data analysis, automating standards, and developing new projects within the maritime manufacturing sector,” said Merkouris Panoutsopoulos, CEO of Captain Nemo, who will be participating in Posidonia 2024 for the third time. 

Posidonia Event 2024

Posidonia 2024 hopes to explore the industry’s collective recognition of AI’s potential

More widely throughout the conference, exhibitors will discuss a variety of applications into which they have introduced AI. These range from Verifavia’s deployment of AI in marine surveying and auditing services to GMT Greece’s use of the technology to predict travel movements and Greensea IQ’s development of AI-equipped robots to clean ships. 

“AI is already being adopted by the shipping industry,” said Laurent Hentges, vice president, digital solutions and transformation at Bureau Veritas, which is using AI to optimise its operating modes and services to clients. “Investment rates leave little doubt AI is becoming a key enabler in the digitalisation of the shipping industry, offering benefits such as reduced costs, less risk, reduced emissions, improved forecasting, and faster deliveries through optimised routes.” 

However, there will also be discussions at the conference concerning how quickly such solutions should be widely adopted within the industry. 

“Shipping historically waits for proven results before adopting new technologies,” said Adamantios Papapetros, vice president and CEO of N. Bogdanos Marine Bureau. “Applications like unmanned navigation are still away from being applied, however, the lack of skilled seamen will accelerate the introduction of similar applications.” 

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