Moment helps Corsica Linea to improve onboard entertainment

Moment helps Corsica Linea to improve onboard entertainment
The digital platform will offer onboard entertainment tailored to different demographics (Image: Moment)

Ferry operator Corsica Linea is deploying Moment’s digital entertainment technology across its fleet.

Moment’s digital platform will offer entertainment for a variety of demographics. Passengers will be able to watch recent Hollywood movies, while younger passengers will have access to a dedicated ‘Kids!’ space containing games and children’s films. Users will also be able to browse a digital catalogue to shop for products available onboard.

“Corsica Linea prioritises excellence and providing the best passenger experience,” said Pierre Mainguy, marketing and sales director at Corsica Linea. “This partnership with Moment brings our service to a new level and is in line with our customer-oriented strategy.”

Passengers will be able to connect to the ship’s dedicated server with their personal devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers.

“This partnership with Corsica Linea is a great opportunity for Moment and proves that our out-of-home entertainment platform can seamlessly be adapted to a maritime environment,” said Tanguy Morel, Moment’s CEO. “Our entertainment solution for passengers on cruise ships and ferries ensures a fluid and unprecedented onboard digital experience.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
02 January 2020

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