Interior design sectors call for sustainability guidelines

Interior design sectors call for sustainability guidelines


Suppliers and buyers engaged in discussion at the event in pursuit of collaboration

Designers and architects from the cruise, hotel and aircraft interiors sectors called for regulators to develop guidelines to help them meet sustainability targets at the Sustainable Design Summit in London, UK.

One of the key points that emerged from the event was that whilst sectors had strong sustainability targets, there are no clear guidelines in place to help them achieve these goals. This makes it difficult for design practitioners to benchmark their work and ensure they are meeting the right standards.

Representatives from the cruise ship interiors sector called out to the International Maritime Organisation to put guidelines in place for sustainable design in the same way it does for safety standards to help them action real visible change.

Suppliers and buyers engaged in discussions at the event, agreeing that the journey to sustainability is a collaborative venture. Suppliers and designers such as Anker, Volume Creative and Cristallux, showcased their products and materials to buyers who wished to be educated on how various aspects of design could be made more sustainable.

Buyers also expressed an interest in working with suppliers who have knowledge of cradle-to-cradle manufacturing methods and have products that are Cradle to Cradle certified.

“We need to create a culture of sharing and learning together,” said Ana Quintas, lead of built environment at non-profit organisation Cradle to Cradle. “Only by working together and in collaborative ways, great goals will be achieved.”

By Amber Hickman
15 December 2022