How the Port of Tarragona is bringing together the Mediterranean

The destination has been chosen to host the 64th edition of the MedCruise General Assembly in 2024 

How the Port of Tarragona is bringing together the Mediterranean

Port of Tarragona

Port of Tarragona is a popular stop on many Mediterranean cruise itineraries

By Laura Hyde |

Situated in the Mediterranean coastal area of Costa Daurada in Spain, the Port of Tarragona is a popular stop on the itineraries of many of the cruise lines sailing in the region. Its location within one of the main tourist destinations in Spain provides visitors with a mild, sunny climate, a fascinating Roman legacy, and impressive modernist monuments, as well as renowned vineyards. 

The port has been chosen to host the 64th edition of the MedCruise General Assembly. From 11 to 14 June 2024, it will welcome members from MedCruise, which was created to promote the cruise industry and unite the ports of ‘Mare Nostrum’ and adjoining seas. 

As one of the most important events in the European cruise industry, the MedCruise General Assembly will see participants from major cruise companies, tour operators and tourism boards, as well as representatives from around 100 ports on the Mediterranean coast with cruise traffic gather at the Spanish port. 

“This major meeting of the sector represents a great opportunity to join forces and position the Catalan coast as a benchmark for cruise tourism,” says Saül Garreta, president of the Port of Tarragona. 

During the General Assembly, the Port of Tarragona will highlight the main attractions of Tarragona and the Costa Daurada. It will also provide a chance for members of the cruise industry to see the port’s facilities, including the new Balears Wharf, a dock built at a cost of €30 million ($31.9 million). This multipurpose infrastructure was opened in October 2021 and increased the port’s docking capacity for cruise ships by 700 metres. It can receive some of the largest cruise ships in the world and has capacity to accommodate up to four ships at a time.  

Global Ports Holding is also carrying out construction on a new cruise terminal on the Balears Wharf, which is set to be completed in April 2024. The project represents an investment of €5.5 million ($5.85 million). With over €35 million ($37.2 million) invested into the port in the last four years, the Port of Tarragona is aiming to continue to increase cruise activity, and welcome cruise passengers from across the globe.   

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