How Forbo Flooring Systems is bringing the outside in

Natural Flotex FR designs help to create a sense of being close to nature onboard ships 

How Forbo Flooring Systems is bringing the outside in

Forbo Flooring 

“The concept of ‘bringing the outside in’ remains a popular interior design trend that aims to create an ambience of serenity and evoke the feeling of being close to nature,” says Jemma Masters

By Jemma Masters |

Spending time in the great outdoors brings many benefits for our general health and well-being, with many studies proving nature’s ability to relieve stress and anxiety. 

The concept of ‘bringing the outside in’, also referred to as biophilic design, remains a popular interior design trend that aims to create an ambience of serenity and evoke the feeling of being close to nature. Designers can reflect nature onboard cruise ships, such as Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ Hanseatic Nature and Hanseatic Inspiration, through their choices of materials, colours and forms, as well as the contours and lines of walls and surfaces. 

Design concepts that connect us to nature are proven to inspire us, boost our productivity and contribute to a stronger sense of well-being. This can be achieved in both obvious and more subtle ways, for example by bringing physical characteristics of the natural world inside through elements such as water, greenery, natural light, wood and stone. The quality of the air, the scent, the use of natural textures and visuals can also have a positive impact. 

Colour can also have a strong effect on the atmosphere of a room and the feeling that it evokes. For example, lighter colours make spaces seem larger, brighter and airier, whilst darker colours make rooms feel warmer and cosier. Meanwhile, wooden floors can help to create nature-inspired interior styling. The mix of colours, patterns and textures within varying wood types also work perfectly with other furnishings made from wood and other natural materials such as stone, marble, cork or bamboo. 

Natural wood floors may work perfectly in some spaces onboard cruise ships, however other areas would benefit from textile-based natural wood floor covering designs – like those in the Flotex FR range (pictured below and right). These floor coverings ensure that a room not only retains the desired aesthetic and character, but also allow for greater comfort, slip resistance and acoustic performance. They also have the added benefit of being a lightweight product. 

Furthermore, a textile floor covering designed for marine applications offers significant advantages over other types of floor coverings. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but its durability and cleanability also means that it will keep looking good for longer than most other textile floor coverings. Flotex FR is International Maritime Organization-certified and wheel marked in accordance with the Maritime Equipment Directive. 

The Flotex FR Naturals collection comes in a variety of colour and plank structures, enabling the creation of different interior looks, from modern to rustic. With a smooth, velour-like surface that looks and feels like carpet, Flotex FR is the perfect high-density textile substrate for printing complex designs and vibrant designs in high level photographic resolution. 

On top of all this, we offer custom design services with our high-definition print technology so that ship operators and designers can create their own flooring that will be in keeping with their interiors. Forbo’s experienced team can help at any stage in the design process, too, for example by providing ideas, recolouring existing products and developing a concept that is totally unique.  

Jemma Masters is marketing manager of international key accounts at Forbo Flooring Systems 

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