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Executive Editor: Jon Ingleton
Editor: Rebecca Gibson

The 2023 issue of Cruise & Ferry Interiors is out now, offering exclusive insights from across the passenger ship interior design industry.

Sustainability has continued to be a top priority for leaders in the passenger shipping business, even as they focus on building resilience during their road to recovery after the pandemic. The topic features prominently throughout this issue, most notably on the front cover, which reflects the industry’s commitment to protecting the oceans and the marine ecosystem.

The cover image was inspired by the ‘Save the Sea’ fresco created by German graphic artist Alex Flämig for the hull of MSC Cruises’ latest pioneering ship, MSC Euribia. In the cover story, MSC Cruises’ Trevor Young and Daniel Mocreia give an insight into the brand’s ship design process and why MSC Euribia represents its commitment to protecting the environment.

Meanwhile, in the keynote, Explora Journeys’ Michael Ungerer explains the pivotal role interior design and sustainability has played in helping the brand to deliver a luxurious guest experience on its first ship, Explora I.

The lead feature introduces a new Sustainable Maritime Interiors Declaration and initiative that provides a pathway to greener passenger ship interiors. The declaration will be launched at Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Americas in Miami, Florida, on 6 June. We hope you will visit to register your support.

Elsewhere in the magazine, we celebrate the highlights of the more than 30-year career of our latest Design Legend, De Jorio Luxury & Yacht’s Marco de Jorio. Plus, we profile eight newbuilds in our Interior Views articles, share insights from experts in our Design Perspectives section and showcase revitalisation projects.

We also hear from designers, outfitters and the supplier community via interior commentaries and interviews, report on the latest industry updates in CFI Curated, and profile some of the finest companies involved in the passenger ship interiors sector in the CFI Featured Partners section.

Magazine highlights

A commitment to sustainability for maritime interiors

CFI executive editor Jon Ingleton introduces a new declaration that provides a pathway to a sustainable future

Bringing the outside in

How natural Flotex FR designs help to create a sense of being close to nature

Contemporary comfort

Alex Smith asks selected interior designers about the process of conceiving original and comfortable interior designs, and how they judge the success of their creations

Designing for the discerning traveller

As Explora Journeys prepares for its impending debut, Michael Ungerer spoke with Alex Smith about the role that interior design will play in delivering a uniquely luxurious guest experience

Icon of the Seas

Sascha Lang tells Alice Chambers about the iconic new Royal Caribbean International vessel that is breaking several first-at-sea records and more than living up to its name

Marco de Jorio

Rebecca Gibson asks Italian architect and designer Marco de Jorio how he took the passion he developed for shipbuilding at a young age and transformed himself into a sought-after interior designer that has spearheaded projects for some of the world’s major cruise and ferry brands

Moby Fantasy

A modern interior design welcomes guests travelling on Moby Lines’ newest vessel, one of the largest passenger ferries in the world

The epitome of European elegance

Trevor Young and Daniel Mocreia of MSC Cruises give Rebecca Gibson an insight into the brand’s ship design process and its latest pioneering newbuild, MSC Euribia

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