Three CroisiEurope ships switch to gas to liquids fuel on the Seine

Three CroisiEurope ships switch to gas to liquids fuel on the Seine
Seine Princess is one of three CroisiEurope ships that now operates on GTL fuel (Image: CroisiEurope)

CroisiEurope’s three river cruise ships on France’s River Seine – Botticelli, Seine Princess and Renoir – have converted to using gas to liquids (GTL) fuel, which is cleaner than off-road diesel and does not produce smoke.

The cruise operator is now working with river bunkering company AS Energy to introduce GTL fuel on its remaining fleet in France, as well as exploring how to supply the fuel to its vessels on the Loire, the Rhone and the Gironde.

“We are committed to doing our utmost to constantly reduce our environmental impact,” said Patrick Schmitter, co-owner of CroisiEurope. “This is why we are very proud to announce the use of this new fuel, which is a safe product and classified as rapidly biodegradable. Its use significantly reduces air pollutant emissions.”

Moving to GTL fuel is the latest of several initiatives CroisiEurope has implemented in an effort to minimise its environmental impact. All ships now have Greenship label engines that meet the strictest pollution control standards in Europe, as well as water savers that have reduced waste water by 35% and helped CroisiEurope to achieve a 35% saving in drinking water. Vessels have also been equipped with systems to dispose of waste water in the urban sewerage network and/or water treatment stations. Plus, CroisiEurope uses paint with non-polluting components on the undersides of all ships, biodegradable cleaning products and vegetable ink and non-bleached paper for all printed materials.

In addition, CroisiEurope finances its own river jetties, which provide shoreside electricity to reduce engine exhaust emissions when vessels are berthed.

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
19 July 2019

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