Orcan Energy launches new marine waste heat solution

Each module can produce up to 200 kilowatts of electricity from onboard heat sources

Orcan Energy launches new marine waste heat solution

Orcan Energy

The PACK M 150.200 system o convert waste heat from a variety of onboard heat sources

By Alex Smith |

Orcan Energy is launching a new solution for using waste heat onboard ships for producing electrical power called the PACK M 150.200. 

The product includes Orcan’s ORC modules, which are able to convert waste heat from a variety of onboard heat sources. These include exhaust gas waste heat, which accounts for 30 per cent of the energy from burnt fuel, steam or thermal oil, but also liquid sources with lower temperatures, such as engine cooling water. The heat absorption of the PACK M 150.200 is 2.1 megawatts, twice as much as the previous eP M 50.100, and the net power generated has also been double to 200 kilowatts. 

In the case of larger existing heat sources, several modules can also be used in a stack configuration, in which a net electrical output of up to one megawatt can be generated from the residual heat. 

Orcan has recently installed the PACK M 150.200 system on new river cruise ship A-ROSA Sena, which will embark on its first sailing on 21 May. The ship features a hybrid propulsion system with electric and diesel engines, as well as a battery storage system for operation in cities. 

"Thanks to the widely tested and improved technology, our efficiency PACKs are reliable and flexible in their use,” said Andreas Sichert, CEO of Orcan Energy. “They help shipowners save fuel, improve energy efficiency indices and significantly reduce their vessel's carbon dioxide emissions. The new solution will make a crucial contribution when it comes to the industry's common goal of becoming carbon neutral.”

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