The benefits of flexible and functional decking on ships

Jacco van Overbeek explains how Bolidt's flooring materials help interior designers achieve their vision
The benefits of flexible and functional decking on ships


Bolidt's decking solutions have been used onboard numerous passenger ships

By Jacco van Overbeek |

Against a backdrop of rising customer expectations, environmental standards and competition between brands, cruise ship interior design is becoming ever-more precise in its requirements for materials, textures, colours and patterns. To continue supporting designers in realising their creative vision, manufacturers must avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and provide greater flexibility.

This is wholly true for the flooring and decking suppliers tasked with delivering products that unify an entire space aesthetically while possessing the physical characteristics to withstand heavy foot traffic, frequent cleaning and exposure to the elements.

Resin applications expert Bolidt has invested continuously to remain ahead of the curve, working closely with designers to develop solutions that not only meet a variety of functional requirements but also offer limitless scope for customisation.

These efforts are especially embodied in Bolideck Select Soft and Future Teak, the lightweight and durable synthetic flooring materials that can be delivered in any colour and pattern. Thus, they can be adapted to almost any interior or exterior space, reflecting fun and liveliness in the children’s play area of a family cruise ship as effectively as they capture the essence of adventure aboard a luxury expedition vessel.

Meanwhile, specialist products such as the industry’s first glow-in-the-dark decking solution, Bolideck Glow, and the equally innovative Bolideck LED allow designers to manipulate light to dramatic effect. As well as providing striking visuals, light features can be used to convey safety messaging such as social-distancing markers, which are particularly important in the post-pandemic era.

Aside from realising the creative vision of the designer, innovation in terms of functionality deserves a mention here too. A groundbreaking concept developed by Bolidt to turn decking into an energy-harvesting or data generating surface is currently being trialled at sea.

With endless functional and aesthetic possibilities, designers need never settle for ordinary, off-the-shelf solutions.

Jacco van Overbeek is director of the maritime division at Bolidt

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