The beauty of sustainable durability in the cruise industry

Eco-friendly manufacturing can be incorporated into an industry focused on customer experience
The beauty of sustainable durability in the cruise industry
Flotex FR is a unique electrostatically flocked textile floor covering with International Maritime Organization certification

By Jemma Masters |

A Forbo floor is always beautiful and stylish. But looks aren’t everything; often, it’s the things you can’t see that really matter.

At Forbo Flooring Systems, we believe true sustainability is about shared responsibility and values between stakeholders. We are working towards being kinder to the environment in many ways. Flotex FR is a unique electrostatically flocked textile floor covering that has International Maritime Organization (IMO) certification. We also produce non-IMO approved Flotex sheet, tile and plank products for the commercial market. As part of our mission towards sustainable production, the backing of the Flotex tiles is made of recycled vinyl from our manufacturing facilities, which has improved energy consumption and product quality. From 2020, the factory will also use edge trim waste products from one of its suppliers in the tile backing, which is actively reducing landfill waste from the supply chain.

In addition, our factory in Ripley, UK uses 100% renewable energy and low-energy lighting, and we return packaging to our suppliers so that they can reuse it.

Flotex FR floor covering designs need to be matched up correctly when laying multiple sheets together. The length of the design repeat influences the amount of potential waste material produced during installation. Our ‘free match’ designs remove this issue by ensuring that any two sheets can be placed together without the need for pattern matching.

The post-production life of our floors is also of high importance. We create our products to be durable with long lifecycles. Flotex FR’s fibres are dense but have low pile weights compared with other textile carpets. The former ensures that the product achieves the highest wear classification, while the low product weight helps to reduce ships’ fuel consumption.

The impermeable backing and flocked construction of Flotex FR allow for aggressive wet cleaning methods, meaning that most spills can be removed with water alone, rather than with harmful detergents. Easy cleaning also ensures that our flooring is kept looking at its best.

Jemma Masters is the marketing manager for the international key account management team at Forbo Flooring Systems

This article was first published in the Spring/Summer 2020 issue of Cruise & Ferry Review. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

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