The 47th Annual Interferry Conference: global collaboration

Hobart, Tasmania; 4-8 November 2023

The 47th Annual Interferry Conference: global collaboration


The 47th Annual Interferry Conference will be held on 4-8 November 2023 in Hobart, Tasmania.

The event will bring together members of the global ferry industry with attendees taking part in networking opportunities and exhibitions.

Some of the networking opportunities available include pre-tours to Port Arthur and Bruny Island, and partner tours to Bonorong Park and Puddleduck Vineyard. There will also be receptions as well as a farewell dinner, and a technical tour hosted by Robert Clifford, founder of shipbuilder Incat Tasmania, and member of the Interferry board.

The event is being hosted by Spirit of Tasmania and its CEO Bernard Dwyer, who is also the current president of the Interferry board.

Interferry will share details about the theme of the conference soon.

Find out more about registration and event updates.

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By Amber Hickman
01 February 2023

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