Telemar launches new BridgeLink Smart Maintenance App

Telemar launches new BridgeLink Smart Maintenance App
Telemar's engineers will use the BridgeLink Smart Maintenance App to remotely monitor equipment (Image: Marlink)

Telemar, a Marlink Group company, has launched a new BridgeLink Smart Maintenance service to enable its engineers to remotely resolve issues with critical bridge equipment on ships.

Engineers can use the new app to collect performance data from bridge equipment and related systems onboard ships so they can provide proactive maintenance services and complete repairs remotely. This will help to reduce equipment downtime and will also increase the rate of first-time fixes.

In addition, Telemar can use the data it collects for site surveys, helping to reduce the engineering time required for firmware/software installations and upgrades. By analysing the data, Telemar will also be able to easily identify opportunities for ship operators to optimise asset lifecycles and achieve other operational efficiencies.

“BridgeLink will dramatically enhance our efficiency in servicing our customers’ needs in terms of bridge electronics maintenance,” said Giorgio Santantonio, general manager of Telemar Italy. “It allows our technical team to remotely, and in real time, access the equipment onboard the ship, run specific fault-finding diagnostics, update software and analyse working efficiency. If we are not able to fix a fault remotely, the subsequent onboard service attendance can be arranged more effectively with the required spare parts for a drastically improved first-time-fix success rate.”

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
10 January 2020

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