Delivering fast and reliable connectivity at sea

Companies are developing solutions to improve communication for the cruise and ferry industry

Delivering fast and reliable connectivity at sea

By Richard Humphreys |

Speedcast technology maintains comms between coverage areas

Speedcast – a provider of remote communication and IT solutions for the maritime industry – has created a centrally orchestrated intelligent automation system called Truebeam. The system gives ships anywhere in the world the ability to seamlessly maintain communications, even while moving in and out of a satellite beam’s coverage area. 

To make the best use of their available bandwidth, it is vital for cruise operators to take advantage of a solution like Truebeam, which automatically manages any type of available, in-range network to ensure seamless, always-on connectivity. 

Installing wireless access points onboard and allowing passengers to connect to land-based 4G and long-term evolution networks when they reach port helps to lighten the load on the ship’s satellite wi-fi when docked. And, remote installation of bandwidth-saving, modern equipment platforms mean operators can maximise their networks without waiting for another technician to come aboard. 

Marlink makes digitalisation a reality for cruise operators 

The demand for data at sea has resulted in the development of more complex bandwidth solutions, whether it be for passengers, crew or ship systems. This is especially true since no single satellite network can service all the locations and requirements of the global cruise market. 

Marlink has made digitalisation a reality for cruise operators through a hybrid, ‘smart network’ approach that combines satellite constellations on different frequencies, in different bands and at different altitudes to create a bespoke solution for each ship. 

Marlink’s solution provides a combination of signals from high-throughput geostationary satellites, existing low-earth orbit satellites, 5G and soon, the new generation of non-geostationary services. 

Delivering high-speed connectivity at sea 

Content connectivity solutions provider SES has developed Cruise mPOWERED, which delivers the ubiquitous, low latency high-speed connectivity service cruise ships need to meet growing bandwidth demands. 

The solution is built on SES’s advanced high-performance O3b mPOWER constellation network, which will allow the cruise ships to leverage a resilient, global network. 

Cruise mPOWERED aims to deliver an always-on, fibre-like connectivity experience, as well as seamless and secure access to cloud-based platforms and applications for shipboard productivity, passenger communications and entertainment. 

Satellites are scheduled to launch in the first half of 2022 and service is expected to begin later this year. 

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