Forbo Flooring Systems offers smart protection for ship carpets

Entrance systems that trap walked-in dirt help shipowners reduce cleaning and maintenance costs

Forbo Flooring Systems offers smart protection for ship carpets
Using Coral Marine FR at entrances enables operators to stop up to 95% of walked-in dirt and moisture from entering their ships

By Joost van Leeuwen |

This article was first published in the Autumn/Winter 2019 issue of International Cruise & Ferry Review. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

Thousands of passengers and crew members pass through entrances on cruise ships and passenger ferries every year, but few spare a thought for the damage they may be doing to the vessels’ carpets. However, research shows that up to 95% of the dirt entering a ship (or an onshore building) is brought in on the soles of shoes and the tyres of wheeled traffic. Not only does wet and dry soiling make interiors look dirty and unattractive, but it also causes structural damage to interior floor coverings and creates unnecessary safety hazards. 

Estimates suggest that shipowners could face repair and maintenance costs of up to nine times their original investment throughout the lifespan of their floor coverings if they don’t take effective measures to avoid this issue. Making a sensible decision about flooring surfaces, however, can prolong the life of interior flooring and reduce cleaning, repair and maintenance costs, as well as injury risks.

If cruise and ferry operators really want to keep their vessels clean and safe, they can’t simply throw down a mat at the door. Instead, they must invest in a well-designed entrance flooring system that prevents dirt and moisture from being tracked in. They should consider factors such as the number of people who will be using the entrance during a given period, what type of soiling the flooring is likely to experience and which walking routes people will take once inside the vessel. 

Matting outside the entrance should be the first line of defence. This will allow people to scrape the coarsest dirt from the soles of their shoes before they cross the threshold. The floor covering inside the entrance should be highly absorbent and remove finer footborne dirt particles. Other circulation areas inside the ship – such as the reception, corridors, walkways, elevators and staircase exits – are also prone to residual soiling, so they would benefit from purposely designed textile entrance matting.

Specifically designed for entrance ways, Forbo Flooring Systems’ highly absorbent Coral Marine FR floor covering is certified for marine use by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The cut pile floor covering is made from a durable 60% wool and 40% nylon blend and is stocked in eight colourways. It can be tailored to fit the shape and size of any entrance and is both PVC and phthalate free. 

Coral Marine FR stops up to 95% of walked-in dirt and moisture, significantly decreasing cleaning costs and prolonging the life of ship interiors. In addition, it meets all IMO and Marine Equipment Directive fire safety standards, while the yarn and backing systems meet smoke toxicity and low-flame-spread standards for the IMO wheelmark. Consequently, Coral Marine FR can be used with confidence on cruise ships, passenger ferries and other seagoing vessels.

Forbo Flooring Systems also manufactures Flotex FR. The textile flocked floor covering combines the cleaning properties and durability of resilient flooring with the comfort, slip resistance and acoustic properties usually associated with textiles. Flotex FR can be customised to fit with the overall design of a space using high-definition digital printing technology. 

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