Smyril Line partners with Carus for reservations

Smyril Line partners with Carus for reservations
Smyril Line
Smyril Line will use Carus’s package of solutions to deliver online booking and check-in

IT solution provider Carus is to deliver an online booking and check-in system for Faroese ferry operator Smyril Line.

“After comparing solutions on the market and having visited several ferry operators with similar operations to our own, we could clearly see that the Carus offering would be the best fit for us,” said Runi Vang Poulsen, CEO of Smyril Line. “Carus’s solutions for cruise and multi-leg operations convinced us that we will receive the system support we need to continue and increase our business.”

Smyril Line will replace its in-house system with Carus’s package of solutions to provide a consistent customer journey throughout its customer-facing applications. The operator is also investigating the possibility of using the Carus Onboard point of sale solution on its ship, Norröna.

“We at Carus strive to deliver an integrated solution where all systems communicate to provide a seamless traveler experience,” said John Bertell, director of sales for Carus.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
29 May 2020

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