RWO fits advanced wastewater treatment system on Celebrity ships

Technology will reduce the environmental impact of Celebrity Silhouette and Celebrity Reflection

RWO fits advanced wastewater treatment system on Celebrity ships

Celebrity Cruises

RWO has upgraded the sewage treatment plants on Celebrity Cruises’ Solstice-class vessels

By Amber Hickman |

RWO, a supplier of intelligent water management solutions, has successfully installed its next-generation advanced water treatment system onboard two Celebrity Cruises vessels.

The company upgraded the existing sewage treatment plants on Celebrity Silhouette and Celebrity Reflection to the new CleanSewage Membrane Reactor (CS-MBR) system. It has also received three additional orders from Celebrity Cruises as part of a fleet-wide upgrade.

“Sustainability is a top priority for Celebrity Cruises,” said Nikolaos Kolyvakis, senior ship manager at Celebrity Cruises. “The new CS-MBR goes beyond regulatory compliance to minimise environmental impacts and maximise operational efficiency.”

RWO’s unique CS-MBR system uses submerged membranes and sustainable biological treatment technology to remove more than 99 per cent of solids and bacteria, including microplastics and viruses. This minimises a vessel’s environmental impact and enables it to achieve the highest standards for effluent discharge. The CS-MBR system also conforms with the International Maritime Organisation standards for nitrogen and phosphorus removal, and will enable the vessels to meet new regulations for operating in Special Areas.

“By using membranes in this way, the resulting water is pure enough to be re-used in other ship functions such as laundry or as technical water,” said Lars Nupnau, business development manager at RWO. “The automated cleaning-in-place control also makes the system far easier for the crew to operate and extends the membrane life cycle significantly. If that wasn’t enough, the CS-MBR also has a smaller footprint and uses less energy than comparable systems.”

Nupnau added: “RWO has developed a strong working relationship with Celebrity Cruises, and we seek out every opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the highest possible standards in environmental stewardship.”

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