PSW to provide shore power system for cruise ships in Haugesund

PSW to provide shore power system for cruise ships in Haugesund

Karmsund Hanv

The new shore power facility will be used by cruise ships and other vessels at Karmsund Hanv

PSW Power & Automation has signed a new contract with Havnekraft, owned by Norwegian power company Haugland Kraft and the Port of Karmsund, to provide a high-voltage shore power system for cruise ships in Haugesund, Norway. 

The system will have capacity for up to 16 million volt-amperes according to IEC 80005-1 and will supply power to over 100 cruise ships per year. It will also include a technical solution and electrical infra-structure to provide low-voltage power to other vessels outside of the cruise season.

PSW will design, assemble and test the complete system in Ågotnes, Norway, before it is shipped to Haugesund for installation and commissioning. The new facility will be delivered by the end of 2022.

“Havnekraft will be an important contributor for the owners to achieve their high ambitions in technology and sustainability,” said Tine Osmundsen, chairman at Havnekraft. “For the region to continue to be one of the largest cruise ports in Norway, it is important that we get a shore power solution in place. This will be the most important individual measure to reduce emissions from operations at the local port sections.”

“This is a significant contract for us and confirms the unique position PSW has within decarbonisation of the shipping industry,” said Eirik Sørensen, general manager at PSW. “We are proud to contribute to another green harbour in Norway.”

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Alice Chambers
By Alice Chambers
07 January 2022

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