SeaDream Yacht Club upgrades fleet with shore power capability

SeaDream II has received new technology, while SeaDream I will be updated in April 2024 

SeaDream Yacht Club upgrades fleet with shore power capability

SeaDream Yacht Club

SeaDream II has been upgraded while SeaDream I will be upgraded in April 2024

By Laura Hyde |

SeaDream Yacht Club is upgrading its entire fleet with shore power capabilities as part of its long-term sustainability strategy.  

SeaDream II was equipped with the technology during a planned yard-stay at Naval Rocha Yard in Lisbon, Portugal, while SeaDream I will be updated during its planned yard-stay in April 2024.    

“This is a significant milestone and an important step in our journey to more sustainable cruising,” said Andreas Brynestad of SeaDream Yacht Club. “Visiting some of the most beautiful and spectacular destinations on the planet comes with a responsibility. We are committed to having a positive impact in the communities and destinations we visit. Our employees, our guests, and our partners are all an important part of our ambition to inspire more sustainable travel.” 

This upgrade is the latest in a decades-long commitment to sustainability in luxury travel. SeaDream’s yachting itineraries are designed for travelling at a slower speed and lower fuel consumption compared to traditional cruises.  

SeaDream also offers guests a full plant-based menu, sources locally produced goods, minimises onboard food waste and does not use single-use plastic across the fleet. Upon boarding, guests are given a personalised glass bottle, which can be refilled at water stations across the yachts.

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