Port of Ålesund to offer discounts to green cruise ships in 2018

Port of Ålesund to offer discounts to green cruise ships in 2018
The Port of Ålesund in Norway (Image:Oddmund Kjøsnes)

Norway’s Port of Ålesund is to offer a 30% discount on harbour dues for cruise ships that have a score of 50 or more points on the World Port Sustainability Program’s Environmental Ship Index (ESI) from 2018.

The voluntary ESI measures a ship’s emissions based on the amount of nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxide, particulate matter and greenhouse gas it releases to measure its environmental performance. As part of its efforts to reduce its impact on the environment, the Port of Ålesund plans to reward ships when they comply or meet lower than current International Maritime Organization emission standards. Cruise operators must make the port aware of their ESI score and certificate before visiting the port.

Ålesund port is also working closely with the Port of Bergen on its Environmental Port Index (EPI) initiative, which aims to help reduce emissions from ships while they are berthed in Norway’s ports.

Next year will also mark the first time that the cruise ships will be able to connect directly to the municipality’s sewage system at the cruise terminal. This will make it easier for them to dispose of waste safely.

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
30 November 2017

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