Hurtigruten submerges more wine in top-secret undersea cellar

Second batch of Arctic-aged 2018 vintage will be available on cruise line’s fleet

Hurtigruten submerges more wine in top-secret undersea cellar

Hurtigruten Norway

Hurtigruten has raised 4,500 bottles of sparkling wine from its top secret seabed wine cellar

By Laura Hyde |

Hurtigruten Norway has submerged 4,500 bottles of arctic-aged sparkling wine in its ‘top-secret wine cellar’ situated in a mystery location just off the Norwegian coast. This second batch of bottles submerged in the cellar will replenish stocks onboard Hurtigruten’s fleet of ships following a minimum maturation period of six months​. 

The Havets Bobler (bubbles from the sea) wine has been crafted by the family-run Rathfinny vineyard in Sussex, England. The classic cuvée is made using traditional methods from hand-harvested grapes of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay.  

Hurtigruten’s front of house and beverage director, Tani Gurra, has overseen the project. “A whopping 4,500 bottles, including 4,200 standard 0.75cl bottles and 300 magnum-sized 1.5cl bottles have all gracefully aged on the seabed for a minimum maturation period of six months, north of the Arctic circle beneath the Northern Lights and then, as seasons turn, beneath the Midnight Sun. Some might even stay longer, for that extra vigour,” she explained.  

“We believe in bringing a touch of the Arctic to the world of sparkling wine,” said Hedda Felin, CEO Hurtigruten. “Our Norwegian coastline is the perfect place to create something truly unique for our valued guests seeking one-of-a-kind experiences.” 

Guests onboard Hurtigruten ships who sampled the first batch of arctic-aged wine were enthusiastic about the effect of the unique storage method, according to André Pettersen, chief product officer and head of hotel operations at Hurtigruten. “Imagine sipping the crisp and elegant wine as you sail along what many consider the world’s most beautiful coastline,” he said. “It’s truly an experience you won't find anywhere else. The wine has grown rounder on the palate, with even silkier bubbles with a refreshing burst of citrus notes and a mineral finish that's as crisp as the Arctic air.” 

Hurtigruten is now considering aging exclusive caviar alongside its sparkling wine.

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