Poole Harbour welcomes first cruise call at new South Quay

Poole Harbour welcomes first cruise call at new South Quay
The new South Quay can accommodate cruise ships carrying more than 1,000 passengers (Image: Poole Harbour Commissioners)

Grand Circle Cruise Line’s Corinthian has become the first cruise ship to dock at the new £10 million (US$13.5 million) South Quay berth at Poole Harbour in Dorset, UK.

Although the 200-metre-long, 40-metre wide South Quay has been operational for cargo ships and yacht transfers since January 2018, the port only recently completed surfacing works to enable it to welcome Corinthian on 6 May. The quay allows the port to accommodate cruise ships of up to 220 metres in length that carry more than 1,000 passengers.

“This is an incredibly important milestone for the port and we are confident that Poole will become a key port for cruise companies going forward,” said Jim Stewart, CEO of Poole Harbour Commissioners. “Cruise ship calls to Poole will double in 2018 and, we are anticipating, will double again in 2019. South Quay enables us to take advantage of the ever popular and rapidly expanding cruise ship market. This will bring much valued revenue and opportunities to Poole’s economy and beyond.”

Grand Circle Cruise Line, Variety Cruises and Cruise & Maritime Voyages have already booked calls at South Quay in 2018 and several other cruise operators have started discussions with Poole Harbour Commissioners.

“For the first time this August and September, we are delighted to be operating a choice of cruises sailing from the new South Quay at Poole,” said Bob McGowan, head of Customer Service for Cruise & Maritime Voyages. “This new development has enabled us to offer convenient cruise departures to the people of Dorset and beyond, and we are very pleased with the close cooperation we have established with the port. Such has been the high booking response to these cruises that we are offering an expanded programme from South Quay, Poole in March and April 2019.”

Completing the South Quay is the last phase in the Poole Harbour Commissioners’ seven-year expansion project.

“We are particularly proud to have secured completion of work on South Quay, on budget and on schedule,” said Phil Armstrong, Poole Harbour engineer. “It has proved that doing the right amount of work up front and using competent contractors has paid off.”

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
Thursday, May 10, 2018